“I Just Wanted to Disrespect Kendrick Perkins!”: Dwyane Wade Once Analyzed the Nastiest Dunk From His NBA Career

Anujit Vijayakumar
|Published February 08, 2023

Three-time NBA champion Dwayne Wade once reacted to his stellar dunk against Kendrick Perkins and the Oklahoma City Thunder that left the FTX Arena astounded.

Dwayne Wade was a superlative basketball player during the 2000s and the early 2010s. His scoring, defensive and athletic prowess ranked him among the best players in the world.

Wade, although is provided recognition for his impeccable body of work over 16 years, he doesn’t nearly get the respect he deserves with respect to his athleticism and ability to dunk.

The 41-year-old once provided his frame of mind when asked about his opinion on the ferocious dunk he scored on Kendrick Perkins against the Thunder back in 2011.

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Dwayne Wade reacts to his dunk on Kendrick Perkins!

The dawn of the 2010s gave birth to a new yet short-lived rivalry between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the newly formed Miami Heat Big Three. The battles between the two franchises were fabled and illustrious.

Flash and the Heat reigned supreme when it was all said and done, scratching and clawing their way to four successive NBA finals and winning two of them. In contrast, the Thunder made their way to the 2012 NBA Finals and was defeated by the Heat in six games.

Preliminary to their NBA Finals collision, however, Wade provided an exceptional memory for Heat fans worldwide when he set the tone of the franchises’ rivalry in 2011.

In an unprecedented turn of events, the thirteen-time NBA All-Star threw down a vicious dunk at the expense of Perkins. Flash received the ball on the left-hand side before driving, spinning, and elevating to the rim of the basket. He did not hold back.

Speaking about the dunk, Wade said:

“Spin on Perk, prolly my second best legendary dunk, and Perk was disrespecting me a couple of nights before, so I thought I’d hand a little disrespect back to Perk and hit em with the..(imitates dance).”

To rank a dunk of that magnitude as his second favorite ever dunk speaks volumes about the prodigious talent Wade was.

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Dwayne Wade’s most distinguished dunk!

Wade himself acknowledged and classified that the dunk against the Thunder was his second-greatest ever. This might leave his devoted coterie wondering what the Heat great’s single greatest dunk is. Look no further.

When the Miami Heat faced off against the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2009, Dwayne Wade had a game for the ages. The American decided to take on the onus of leading his team in the game. Although they were defeated, the game is remembered fondly for a singular reason.

In the midst of the game, Wade gathered a rebound off a missed LeBron James dunk and ran up the court from coast to coast before throwing down a sublime dunk on Cavaliers forward Anderson Varejao.

Undoubtedly making it the Flash’s greatest artwork in the game’s history.

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