“I’ma Smother Stephen Curry”: Paul George’s Challenge to Lock Down Warriors Guard Before He Dropped 50

Akash Murty
|Published 18/03/2023

As the seeding in the West gets tighter with each passing Gameday, the Warriors are losing ground with the Mavericks, Timberwolves, Lakers, and the OKC Thunder, all trying to take them over. And despite Stephen Curry giving everything he has, they just cannot win games on the road.

Now, the Dubs are on a two-game losing streak with just Curry putting up a combined 81 points in those games, including the 50-point performance in a 134-126 loss to the Clippers.

Speaking of the Wednesday night game, Paul George said something which will give you an idea of why we cannot knock the Warriors off until their baby-faced assassin is there standing tall with the ball.

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Paul George’s self-assigned challenge to lock Stephen Curry down

In the latest episode of Podcast P, one of the best two-way players of this generation, Paul George, hilariously revealed how he took the challenge upon himself to guard the 2022 Finals MVP and failed.

“I’ma smother Stephen Curry,” George told his podcast partner before the 6ft 2′ guard dropped 50 on the 6ft 8′ forward and the Clippers. Listen to him narrate the whole story in the following embed.

[Podcast P] Paul George reaction to Steph dropping 50 on him
by u/urfaselol in nba

A 4x All-Defensive First Team member not hesitating to reveal this story is just a testament to the greatness of Curry, who is also considered one of the most unstoppable players in the NBA alongside being the GOAT shooter.

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Steph Curry and Co’s journey ahead

The Warriors are 7-28 in the season when they are not playing at home. After the latest loss against the Hawks, they have lost 10 straight on the road, tied with the Rockets for most this season.

Six of the Dubs’ remaining eleven games are on the road. You can guess the probability of them even making it to the Play-in spots, let alone the #6 seed. They stand at risk of losing the 6th seed to the Mavs who have Kyrie Irving back in their line-up.

However, Curry is not going to accept any pattern or probability that has them down.

The man has proven enough in his 14 years in the league, that you cannot count him out until they are totally out of the picture.

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