“Lamar Odom fighting tiny a** Aaron Carter, Shaq vs Peter Dinklage next?”: NBA Twitter roasts former Lakers star after he wins lopsided boxing fight

Amulya Shekhar
|Published 12/06/2021

Lamar Odom took on a much smaller opponent, Aaron Carter, and won a 3-round exhibition boxing match last night.

Odom hasn’t played in the league for quite a while now. He was in the news for all sorts of wrong reasons at the time that he dropped out of the NBA in his final stint. Odom’s troubles peaked in 2015 when he was rescued, half-dead, from a cocaine overdose.

The man has since staged a strong return to regular life and maintains that he’s been clever ever since. Odom has been through the grinder as an NBA player and as a man. Now that his sources of income aren’t the same, he’s trying to cash in on whatever mass appeal he’s got.

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So just like Nate Robinson, Odom signed an agreement for an exhibition boxing fight against Aaron Carter this year. This came in the middle of his very public fallout with ex-fiance Sabrina Parr in late 2020 and Jan 2021.

NBA fans react to Lamar Odom beating Aaron Carter in an unfair fight

Simply put, this fight never made any kind of competitive sense. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out the unfairness of a 6’10”, 200+ lb man against musician Aaron Carter.

Carter was heavily tipped to lose even entering the fight, and lose the fight he did. Only a trained fighter at that height would’ve stood a chance with this difference in physique, and Carter was a far cry from a trained pro. The Internet piled on him.

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