Cover Image for Shaquille O’Neal claimed he had no bank accounts on his Miami Beach Police Department application despite making $27.7 million that season

Shaquille O’Neal claimed he had no bank accounts on his Miami Beach Police Department application despite making $27.7 million that season

Raahib Singh
|Wed Aug 10 2022

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal filled out the most hilarious Miami Beach Police Department application form, managed to get job anyway

Shaquille O’Neal is probably one of the most dominant players to ever play the game of basketball. With his 7’1″ stature, the big managed to get his way in the post on almost every possession. The Diesel won 4 NBA Championships during his tenure in the NBA.

Along with being a huge success on the court, Shaq was very big on extra-curricular activities as well. The big man had several movies, music, and heck, even video games out while he was still playing in the NBA. Along with all this, Shaq really believed in giving back to the community. We’ve all heard the tales of Shaq being generous to strangers.

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In the summer of 2004, O’Neal decided to help the community in a different way altogether. After being traded from the Lakers, before he played for the Heat, Shaq was reserve personnel for the Miami Beach Police Department.

Shaquille O’Neal lied on multiple questions on his MBPD application form

Shaq, along with a dominant force of nature, is also an incredibly humorous person. He has no filter, and doesn’t shy away from saying what he has on his mind, just to get a laugh. Well, turns out, even Police applications arent beyond Shaq’s limits.

On his police application,Shaq claimed that neither he nor his spouse had ever sued anyone or been sued– which would be a miraculous feat for a celebrity of his stature. According to a quick public records search, Shaq had been named as a defendant in two suits in his resident Orange County, Florida, alone.

This isn’t even the most unbelievable lie. To answer another question, O’Neal did this:

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Well, I guess the big man doesn’t know when to turn his funnies off. He still got the job, though. Talking about the same Miami Beach Police union vice president Gustavo Sanchez said, “He would have been instantly disqualified.”

Being Shaq comes with it’s own perks.

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