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“Stephen Curry has a foot fetish?!”: Ayesha Curry calls the 3x champion a weirdo for having a foot fetish as they take a relationship test

Indu Dasari

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Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry answer some questions about each other to test their decade-long marriage. The 3x champion recalls how she curved him in college. 

The Curry’s are hosting a date night show ‘About Last Night’ for HBO Max. Ayesha engages 3 couples in fun relationship games with Stephen Curry as the sexy bartender in each episode.

They had Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala on the show along with other celebrity couples. They spilled beans about each other and Draymond Green was the most surprising one out of the lot .

Steph and Ayesha wanted to make date night exciting for couples who’ve been married for a long time. This 8-episode show is binge-worthy and we see a very different side of Stephen Curry off the court.


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Ayesha Curry beats Stephen Curry on the relationship test

To promote their show ‘About Last Night’ Ayesha and Stephen Curry took a relationship test for BuzzFeed‘s YouTube channel. They asked each other all sorts of questions and in the end the better half won the game by one point.

Ayesha clearly knows the 2x MVP better than he knows her. Steph misunderstood the questions half the time and gave the most entertaining answers. Fans found out something very unexpected when the question “what their favorite physical feature” came up.

Although Steph guessed Ayesha’s answer right, she was disgusted to reveal Curry’s favorite physical feature. The only unanimous MVP in NBA history has a foot fetish. She even called Steph a weirdo for it.

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Other than the shocking revelation that Curry is a feet-guy they gave fans some juicy details from the early stages of their relationship. Each other’s first impression, the moment they realized that the other person was into them, and their love language among others.

Steph recalled the time Ayesha curved him during their time at Davidson. As it turns out, the future NBA superstar leaned in for a kiss and she accidentally dodged him. Even after all these years Curry still remembers it.

In her defense Ayesha said, “I thought I wasn’t cool enough for you”. Their marriage is stronger than ever despite the false reports about an open relationship. The couple did not acknowledge it publicly but Ayesha set the record straight when a fan pointed it out in her comments section.

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