“Stephen Curry is our Magic Johnson, our Tim Duncan, being the face of the franchise”: Steve Kerr details why winning the 2022 title was the GSW MVP’s “crowning glory”

Advait Jajodia
|Published June 22, 2022

According to coach Steve Kerr, Stephen Curry desperately wanted to win the 2022 championship and Finals MVP.

There is no denying that Stephen Curry is the best marksman in league history. Being the GOAT shooter, Curry has managed to revolutionize modern NBA with the way he has used the three-point arch to his favor throughout his illustrious career.

The Golden State Warriors guard has had a highly accomplished career so far. Before these playoffs, Chef Curry had 8 All-Star appearances, 8 All-NBA selections, 2 scoring titles, 2 MVPs, and 3 championships.

Despite having such a decorated resume, The Baby-Faced Assassin was always attacked for not having a Finals MVP in his trophy cabinet.

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Taking also those criticisms personally, Steph decided to clap back at his haters by winning the All-Star MVP, inaugural WCF MVP, his fourth title, and the long-awaited Bill Russell Finals MVP… all in one season.

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“Stephen Curry is the guy ultimately responsible for all this”: Steve Kerr

Ever since GSW won their 4th title since the 2015 season, head coach Steve Kerr has been speaking highly of Steph and how he, in particular, was responsible for this incredible achievement.

In a recent appearance on 95.7 The Game’s “Damon and Ratto”, coach Kerr also spoke about SC30 being the San Francisco-based organization’s Magic Johnson and Tim Duncan, in terms of being the face of the franchise.

“Steph stands out because this clearly meant so much to him. You know, given where we’ve been the last couple years. Forget what everybody else was saying about him needing a Finals MVP. It doesn’t matter what everybody else says but you can see in Steph’s eyes that he needed it for himself. He’s really wanted this championship and the Finals MVP for himself and he got it. He is the guy ultimately responsible for all this…

Steph is our Magic Johnson, our Tim Duncan. He’s the face of the franchise. Everything has been built around him. For that reason, I will always think of this title as Steph’s crowning glory.”

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Adding a few more accolades under his belt, the Bay Area hero has solidified his legacy as one of the greatest point guards ever. And has also been promoted to several analysts’ and basketball enthusiasts’ top 10 all-time lists.

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