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“Stephen Curry, you have guests here!”: Damion Lee attempts to calm down the Warriors star and Ayesha Curry after they hear about Sydel Curry’s pregnancy

Raahib Singh

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Warriors’ superstar Stephen Curry and wife Ayesha Curry have the most wholesome reaction after finding out about Sydel Curry’s pregnancy

The Curry family is one that is deeply connected all in the NBA. Stephen Curry, as we all know it, is a superstar in the league, and the face of the Golden State Warriors. His younger brother, Seth Curry is the starting point guard for the Philadelphia 76ers. Seth is married to Sixers’ Head Coach Doc Rivers’ daughter Callie Rivers. Steph and Seth’s father Dell Curry used to play in the NBA from 1986-2002.

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Steph and Seth’s younger sister Sydel Curry is married to Warriors’ guard Damion Lee. They announced their pregnancy earlier this month, and that had a lot of NBA members congratulating them.

Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry have a wholesome reaction to Sydel’s pregnancy news

Damion Lee and Sydel Curry announced their pregnancy on June 16th, with coordinated posts on Instagram. Recently, a video surfaced showing Stephen Curry and Ayesha’s reaction to the news.

The couple were running around, celebrating the news while Lee and Sydel were sitting on the couch.

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Steph and Ayesha, who have three kids of their own, were very excited about the prospect of having a nephew/niece.

Another reason behind their happiness could be the struggles Sydel and Lee had with their pregnancy. After announcing their pregnancy, Sydel put out an Instagram video explaining the whole IVF process.

It is heartwarming to see such a story, and Steph and Ayesha’s reaction showed the same. Sydel and Damion Lee are expecting their baby sometime in the upcoming November.

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