“This Makes it Sadder”: Skip Bayless Blasts Ja Morant for $10 million Goof Up Amid Storm of Controversies

Adit Pujari
|Published 13/03/2023

After pictures from Shotgun Willie’s gentlemen’s club were revealed online, ja Morant has fallen deeper down the pit of controversies. It all started with the Washington Post’s report accusing Ja Morant of violent altercations. Since, instead of settling down, the flood of controversial allegations against Ja has only increased.

The latest repercussion, however, might just be the costliest for the Grizzlies star yet. This time he isn’t just facing a 2 or 4-game suspension. Instead, he has been discarded from a $10 million marketing campaign for Powerade. Skip Bayless, while on his show Undisputed, confessed this made him sadder than before.

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Skip Bayless shocked Ja Morant lost his endorsement with Powerade

Skip Bayless and his co-host Shannon Sharpe sat down on the latest episode of undisputed to discuss Ja Morant. With Powerade cutting Ja out of their marketing campaign, Bayless was shocked by the loss. He revealed that he wasn’t even aware of their deal until Powerade pulled Ja from their advertisement.

The earlier reports had suggested that Ja Morant had signed a multi-year endorsement deal with the Coco-Cola product. The deal would have made the grizzlies youngster the face of their ad campaign. However, after Morant showed a gun on his Instagram Live, Powerade was forced to pull the 23-year-old from the $10 million campaign. Bayless shared his disappointment with the star on the show.

Skip: “Ja, this makes it even sadder to me that you just blew a multi-year deal. He was going to be the face of the Powerade campaign. “

Bayless claimed Morant’s s**p club visit would have been ignored if not for the Instagram Live

During the episode, Bayless further commented on how Ja Morant would not have faced so much heat for a visit to a gentlemen’s club if not for the now-infamous Instagram Live. As per Bayless, by flashing the gun on his account, he inadvertently put himself in the spotlight. The spotlight in turn put more pressure on Ja after leaked footage showed Morant had visited Shotgun Willie’s in Denver.

Bayless: “He drew the spotlight to himself because he goes on IG Live and dangles the gun. If not for that, we would not be discussing this because we would not known have anything about this nor would we have cared about this.”

Surprisingly, Bayless is right. The blame for this fiasco is on Morant. Agreed he is a youngster but he had enough exposure to the league and agents. He can’t dodge the blame for this and is responsible for the scrutiny. Hopefully, he can come back clean and stronger from this.

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