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“You really don’t think you will make it to the NBA, LaMelo Ball?”: The youngest Ball brother was caught speaking a bald-faced lie on the Overtime show

Arun Sharma
|Sat Jan 01 2022

LaMelo Ball was just a regular teenager who wanted to play basketball, whether it’d be in the NBA or otherwise.

Before becoming a star in the NBA, LaMelo Ball was playing anywhere he wanted. Dominating the high school scene with Chino Hills, Melo decided to skip the college route and went to play basketball in Australia. He became so famous and rich that he even bid to buy the team he played for. Although he failed, he certainly showed which direction he was going to go.

But before all that, he was having fun with their tv show “Ball in the family”. On one such occasion, he was invited onto the Overtime show, which had him answer questions truthfully. He was asked about life, jewelry, and everything basketball. When asked about whether Melo thought he would make it to the NBA, he answered truthfully that he thought he didn’t!

As a kid, at that particular moment in time, he may not have been sure if he could have made it. His second brother Gelo was struggling to even get drafted, and Lonzo was having a tough time in the NBA. His apprehensions were justified at that time, but boy would he be surprised to see how much he would go on to accomplish in a short career.

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LaMelo Ball might be the best Ball brother in the NBA today – even better than his oldest one Lonzo

While a 16 year old Melo would not have thought he could make it to the NBA, current Melo sure should have laughed at him. Ridiculously skilled, mature for his age, and leading the offense under the watchful eye of Michael Jordan – what more could he have asked for? The main guy for the Charlotte Hornets, LaMelo is doing crazy bits for them.

For years the Hornets were looking for someone who could make the world sit up and look at them as well. Acquisition of the youngest Ball brother made sure that happened. With the hype he already had, he brought in bags of talent as well. he was a seamless replacement for Kemba Walker, and fit better with the current squad.

LaMelo lead the Hornets to a franchise-record earlier in the season, starting off the season 4-1 – the best mark in their history. While they may have fallen off dramatically after that, LaMelo is not the guy to blame. Putting up all-star numbers regularly, his stats have gone up drastically across the board. The 2021 rookie of the year winner is on track to have his most productive year yet.

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