“Aaron Rodgers, What’s He Gonna Do?”: Packers QB’s Pal Pat McAfee Seems as Clueless as Everyone Else Regarding Aaron’s NFL Future

Shubham Bhargav
|Published 14/03/2023

Aaron Rodgers, the man is an enigma. Even when he isn’t ruling the roost by delivering memorable performances on the field, Aaron succeeds in gaining fan attention on a regular basis for a variety of reasons.

Right from his infamous vaccine lie, to the ayahuasca praise, Rodgers just knows how to keep discovering ways that can keep him in the headlines. The most recent discussion around Aaron has been about his future in the league and as expected, every day, fans have been treated with a fresh episode of the most dramatic soap opera the NFL world has even witnessed.

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Pat McAfee says he knows nothing about Aaron Rodgers’ future in the NFL

There have been rumors that Rodgers is all set to leave the Packers. In fact, several NFL insiders recently reported that his trade off to the Jets is almost a done deal. However, then more Insiders came out refuting the claims and suggested that Aaron is yet to take a final call about his future in the league.

Amidst all this, fans were eagerly waiting for Pat McAfee to come up with an update as he is someone who has known Aaron for a very long time. However, it seems as if Pat is as clueless regarding the Rodgers situation as all of us. In the latest episode of The Pat McAfee Show, the former punter claimed, “Aaron Rodgers’ decision is still looming. It’s on TV every 4 minutes. ‘What’s he gonna do, what’s he gonna do?'”

McAfee then went on to add that Aaron’s favorite target Allen Lazard is allegedly talking to the Jets, Randall Cobb is also in conversation with the New York-based franchise. However, most certainly, the Jets will not have the money to pay every star who is being alleged to join them. So which Packer is definitely coming to New York is still unclear.

The Aaron Rodgers situation has no answers. I don’t know publicly, I don’t know privately. What we are saying is that we have no idea yet. Same spot yesterday, some spot on Friday. Will an answer come soon, we have no idea,” Pat further stated.

Aaron’s take on retirement after returning from retreat sparked crazy rumors

Aaron Rodgers, who last year explained the benefits of ayahuasca, recently went on a darkness retreat as well. Moreover, after returning back, Aaron went on Aubrey Marcus’ podcast where his comments regarding retirement suggested that he might call it quits this year only.

Talking about his experience in the darkness, Aaron had claimed, “a lot of insecurities and fear regarding retirement came up that I hadn’t acknowledged or even thought was there. I thought I am fine, I got foundation, I got philanthropy stuff going on, I got business stuff that I have been cultivating for years now.”

However, he had gone on to state that he ultimately found solace in the reality of retirement. It will be interesting to see what Aaron finally decides.

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