Erin Andrews Admits That Jimmy Garoppolo Did Actually Hit On Her But In a ‘Taylor Swift’ Version Of Events

Shubham Bhargav
|Published November 28, 2022

Erin Andrews is a well-known entity in the broadcasting arena. She started off as a sports reporter in her early 20s and since then, she simply hasn’t looked back.

May it be football, basketball, hockey or any other prominent sport, whenever the stakes are high, more often than not we see Erin on the sidelines giving the viewers the extra bit of information required to make the viewing experience even better.

The free-spirited and fun-loving sportscaster also shares some incredible stories on “Calm Down With Erin & Charissa” podcast from time to time.

Recently, she went crazy viral after apologizing over two strands of hair which were sticking out of her cheek while she was on-air interviewing some of the biggest names in football.

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Erin Andrews Is Confident That Jimmy G Didn’t Call Her ‘Baby’ During The Famous Sideline Interview

However, one particular sideline incident involving Erin which really ended up getting a lot of attention goes back to 2019 when the San Francisco 49ers were spitting fire on there field.

After improving to a 8-0 season, an excited Jimmy G had said, “feels great baby,” when Andrews asked her to tell how he was feeling after such a tremendous run that year.

Erin, who was already married to renowned NHL player Jarret Stoll at that time, has stated on many occasions that she wasn’t offended by what Jimmy said as she knows that he wasn’t trying to hit on her.

However, while discussing about the same topic in an episode of her podcast, Erin took a different route to express what she felt about the ‘baby’ incident.

I don’t think he called me baby. Would have I been mad if had called me that? No. Not because I want Jimmy G to hit on me but when you are in 40s and you interview a young quarterback, it doesn’t feel terrible for them to say, ‘it feels good baby,‘” Erin stated.

She went on to add that her husband was filming the whole thing and he even waived to Jimmy G which pretty much guarantees that the QB wasn’t really hitting on her. However, jokingly, Erin went on to claim that in her Taylor Swift version of events, Jimmy was actually hitting on her.

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