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Former Falcons GM Explains How Social Media Made the Michael Penix Jr. Draft Pick Look Like a Disaster

Anushree Gupta

Draft Analyst Calls Michael Penix Jr. The Best Deep Ball Thrower of The Current Class by a Country Mile; "It's Not Even Close"

Amidst the buzz of the 2024 NFL Draft, the Atlanta Falcons made a bold move that had everyone talking: drafting Michael Penix Jr. NFL fans and pundits scratched their heads on the No. 8 overall pick after the acquisition of Kirk Cousins in the offseason. As a video of Falcons GM Terry Fontenot and owner Arthur Blank went viral for an expected tussle on the topic, it caused a debacle in the NFL community. But former Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff offered a peek behind the curtain, shedding light on the mistaken narrative currently running circles on social media.

Dimitroff painted a picture of planning and deliberation in the draft room on ‘Up and Adams Show‘. According to him, the video that escaped shortly after the former Huskies standout’s draft on social media fueled the misconception of Blank’s absence from the decision-making.

“The way that they made it look in the social media was that he was explaining it right in the draft room about a move like that.”

But beyond the public scrutiny, the former Atlanta GM revealed a different reality giving some insider information of what goes inside the Falcons organization.

“I can almost guarantee within that building there was so much discussion about it that it wasn’t polarizing inside the building, which I think is important.”

Dimitroff’s insights offer a glimpse into the Falcons’ front-office dynamics, also backed by multiple reports. Meanwhile, prominent platforms like Yahoo Sports also reported that Blank had full knowledge of the draft and he was part of the phone call that confirmed Penix Jr.’s induction. But, Dimitroff has more than just a claim to support Blank’s involvement in the quarterback draft.

Thomas Dimitroff Reveals Arthur Blank’s Hand in Penix’s Draft Selection

Kirk Cousins has a four-year $180 million contract with the Falcons who brought a veteran on board. But, this shouldn’t stop Michael Penix Jr. from being the future centerpiece of the Falcons’ offense. Therefore, the participation of the 81-year-old owner makes nothing but sense for Dimitroff. In Dimitroff’s view, “Arthur Blank is the owner, obviously it is his train set.”

Dimitroff claims that he is well aware of the extensive meetings usually held during draft week. This indicates a negligible possibility of any last-minute surprises for Blank or anyone else on the team.

While the draft pick may have raised eyebrows, Dimitroff’s take adds some context to the viral clip. Meanwhile, Michael Penix Jr. is thrilled to be the backup quarterback for the Falcons with Cousins at the forefront. And the quarterback controversy? It could provide the team with nothing but more certainty during the upcoming season.

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Anushree Gupta

Anushree Gupta


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