Oscars 2023: Rihanna Sporting Oversized NFL Jersey & Bucket Hat at the Oscars Ignites Twitter War

Shubham Bhargav
|Published 13/03/2023

Ferociously confident rockstar Rihanna is known for going against the set norms in the fashion world. Such is the popularity of the star that she ends up setting new standards in the glamour world even by sporting non-flashy, and extremely comfortable outfits.

Something exactly like this recently happened at the 2023 Academy Awards. The globally renowned singer, who headlined the Super Bowl LVII halftime show earlier this year, used her love for football as an inspiration to create a new fashion trend while making her Oscar entry.

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Rihanna’s goofy Oscar look sparks heated debate

Rihanna arrived at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California, for the Oscars wearing an oversized Philadelphia Eagles t-shirt which certainly caught a lot of fans off-guard. Moreover, she also wore a Jean Paul Gaultier Bucket hat along with super comfy black and white sneakers.

As expected, fans on Twitter went absolutely crazy after Rihanna’s Uber-comfortable look made the headlines. While many called her outfit iconic, some also pointed out that terming everything ‘out-of-the-ordinary’ path-breaking and wonderful isn’t actually right.

Rihanna wasn’t paid for her Super Bowl halftime gig

Rihanna’s Super Bowl LVII performance was one of the finest by any star in recent times. However, many fans were shocked to know that she wasn’t paid for her blockbuster performance by the NFL.

As it turns out, the biggest league on the planet only covers the travel, crew expenses and production costs of the performing artists. This means that, Rihanna wasn’t paid a single dime for her on-stage performance.

However, if the league isn’t paying the stars, why the biggest names in the entertainment industry line up every year to perform at Super Bowl? The rationale behind it is that the 13-minute halftime show acts as the biggest advertising stage for the performer who then gets immensely benefited in terms of rise in popularity.

Moreover, as per Japan-101, Rihanna made around $97,000 just from royalties from streaming on Spotify. In addition to this, after her Super Bowl performance, streaming for the pop icon’s music went up by a whopping 640%. Looking at all this, it won’t be wrong to say that although stars don’t make any direct money from the halftime show, it is still worth giving in your all for it.

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