“That Man Sold His Soul”: WFAN Caller Proposes Bizarre Conspiracy Theory About Aaron Rodgers

Neha Joshi
|Published 14/03/2023

Back-to-back MVP-winning QB Aaron Rodgers loves a good conversation. More than that, he loves to delve deeper into interesting and captivating conspiracy theories. The star QB is in a league of his own. Therefore, we can safely assume that he will be even more engaged in listening to a conspiracy theory that involves him and a New York Jets legend.

One bizarre caller on WFAN may have answers to some of the most important questions. An interesting caller who goes by the name of Rich in Fishkill, recently put the pieces of the puzzle together and explained why the Jets haven’t won a Super Bowl in 54 years. The caller also thought that A-Rod could break the curse and bring glory to the Jets.

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Which curse looms over the head of the Jets?

Many conspiracy lovers believe that the reason New York hasn’t lifted the Lombardi Trophy since 1969 is Joe Namath. The former Jets starting quarterback apparently made a pact with the devil and sold his soul for The Guarantee.

Before Super Bowl III, an intoxicated Namath made an appearance three days before the big game and guaranteed his team’s victory. He predicted to the audience that they were going to win the game, and they did. From thereon, fans believed that the QB really sold his soul.

The caller said, “The conspiracy theory that he needs to spell is that… I feel Joe Namath, I am not a Joe Namath sympathizer, but that man sold his soul to the devil back in 1969 and that is the reason that the Jets have been a horrible football team for the last 54 years.” However, one man can help them save the franchise’s future.

How can Aaron Rodgers save the Jets from the curse?

According to the caller, the Super Bowl-winning QB needs to become New York’s shot-caller. “Aaron Rodgers needs to be our quarterback, psychedelics or not,” Rich in Fishkill declared. The caller also thought that Rodgers delved into the world of psychedelics in order to fight the devil.

The only thing the 4x First-team All-Pro needs to fight is probably his will to reveal finally what he truly wants from Green Bay. The recent development is that the Jets are trying to lure Rodgers by wanting to sign his favorite WR Allen Lazard. If that isn’t the sign that says, “We want Rodgers on our roster,” then we don’t know what is.

The future HOF-er is still trying to make a final decision while both teams are waiting for his response. 

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