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Can You Play Pro bowl in Madden 23?

Aayush Shah

2023 Pro Bowl

It’s that time of the year. As the NFL season closes to its grand finale ending, the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl take center stage. With just a week to go before the Super Bowl, the Pro Bowl will take place this weekend. The star-studded affair will be held in Las Vegas. The stars from the NFL ‘22 season will be in Vegas for the newest adaptation of the contest. 

This year’s Pro Bowl festivities will take a different approach as the NFL has altered the game to ensure safety for players. In a brand new avatar, the Pro Bowl will be similar to the All-Star weekend of the NBA. Skill contests, flag football, and a lot of fun will be in store for NFL fans from their favorite athletes. 

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Madden NFL takes on the Pro Bowl

Another addition to last year’s festivities was the incorporation of EA Sports’ property, Madden NFL. The video game was a part of last year’s Pro Bowl. It will be back in action for this year’s version too. As the AFC Vs NFC will be the main storyline for the Pro Bowl, stars from both conferences will battle it out at the different events to contest for the Pro Bowl title. The athletes will even enjoy some time off the field and contest with each other through the Pro Bowl Madden NFL event. 

This E-sports version of the AFC-NFC rivalry will be a fun contest, as the NFC will look to defend its title. The Madden Pro Bowl contest will have three players from each conference going head to head. EA Sports does a fantastic job of bringing football to homes through its video game. The gripping video game is very popular amongst different age groups. It also allows fans to play the Pro Bowl game through their consoles. Fans can play the Pro Bowl through Madden NFL as it has a version of the AFC Vs NFC All-Stars. 

While fans can enjoy playing the game from home, they will also be able to watch their favorite athletes compete at the Pro Bowl Madden NFL contest through its live stream. 

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Aayush Shah

Aayush Shah

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