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$350M G2 Esports Co-Founder Carlos Rodríguez Speaks Out After Stepping Down Due to Andrew Tate Controversy

Anujit Vijayakumar

Andrew Tate Carlos Rodriguez

A world prominent E-Sports company named G2 E-Sports has seen its co-founder Carlos Rodriguez step down due to his ties with Andrew Tate. Andrew Tate has amassed an extensive following since the start of 2022. The contentious social media follower became renowned for his hot takes on women and men. The Top G, however, had his titanic rise come to an abrupt halt when he was arrested in December 2022.

The British American was arrested along with his brother, Tristan Tate, on suspicions of the following alleged charges: ra*e, human trafficking, and money laundering. Tate, however, has denied all accusations and maintained his innocence.

In the time since his incarceration, the Top G’s cultivated following has been his voice for him in the world. They have been relied upon by the 36-year-old to rectify the narratives being spread about him. And to bring to light the truth about the agenda against him.

One such member of his supporters is Carlos Rodriguez. Rodriguez was the co-founder of G2 E-Sports, an E-Gaming company. Unfortunately for Rodriguez, he was forced to resign due to his affiliation with Tate and the message he was abiding by.

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G2 E-Sports co-founder Carlos Rodriguez resigned due to his relationship with Andrew Tate!

In August 2022, news broke out that Rodriguez was stepping down from his role with the company. The reason highlighted by G2 E-Sports at the time was that they condone his opinions on women, and the organization does not “support any form of misogyny.”

Rodriguez’s dismissal came due to a video that circulated of him partying with the Tate brother. Keep in mind, this was at a point in time when the Tates were at the height of the controversy.

Speaking about it last year, Rodriguez said:

“At the end of summer, yea, I was with Tristan, Andrew and Luke actually in Romania. Yea, we went out partying, nothing extraordinary, we spoke business, we spoke life, we have a good relationship…There was a girl in the VIP section that actually knew me from my job, and she made a video of all three of us…and me and Andrew and Tristan were a part of it. 

Rodriguez continued:

“So I post it (the video) myself. I posted it, and you know, I can’t fu***ng imagine what happened next. Trending topic in 29 countries. Why? Because the industry in which I built my career is majorly comprised of leftists, liberals and multiple hair colours, and you name it.” 

Therefore, Rodriguez’s participation in the event led to G2 losing out on prospective opportunities. Not to mention, this was estimated to be around the time that G2 E-sports had signed their first female professional roster for the renowned game League of Legends.

This stirred up more controversy.

Rodriguez further went on to add that those in authority in his industry wanted him to denounce his friendship with Tate, and denounce misogyny. And also publicly brand Tate as a misogynist. A series of unfortunate events for Rodriguez, to say the least.

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Andrew Tate’s current status!

If recent history has been any indication, it’s that an alliance with Andrew Tate does not bode well for anyone involved with the Top G. This is principally owing to a misconstrued narrative about him and his hatred of women.

While some of his remarks are outlandish and peculiar, it is no reason to brandish him. And wipe his existence from the face of the earth. A path the Romanian authorities are undertaking, despite there being no tangible evidence against any of the alleged charges he has been filed with.

Tate is now scheduled to remain in Romanian custody until the end of March. His patronage now faces another two weeks of unrest as they lie in wait for the next sequence of events in the Andrew Tate saga.

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