“You right, Shannon Sharpe I do pray my resume can matchup with yours”: DK Metcalf sarcastically trolls Hall of Fame tight end after heated back and forth on Twitter

Ashish Priyadarshi
|Published 18/10/2021

DK Metcalf and the Seahawks almost pulled off a wild victory against Pittsburgh this week, but a mistake by Metcalf had Shannon Sharpe fuming.

The Seahawks trailed the game 20-17 with just 1:30 seconds remaining and two timeouts. Filling in for an injured Russell Wilson, Geno Smith seemed to find some late game magic, as he went 5-5 to get the Seahawks all the way down to the opposition 25 yard line.

The Seahawks eventually kicked a field goal with two seconds left to take the game to overtime, but they nearly fumbled that away. With 18 seconds left, Metcalf dropped a pass off to Metcalf for a first down. All Metcalf had to do was go out of bounds, but instead he tried to power through the Steelers defense, and ended up fumbling the ball. Luckily, receiver Freddie Swain recovered and Geno Smith spiked the ball in time to get the field goal off, but things could have gone much worse.

The Seahawks would still lose in overtime, 23-20, but that mistake would have never given them the chance to even go to overtime. That ‘hero-ball’ play by Metcalf had Shannon Sharpe extremely confused watching the game.

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Shannon Sharpe and DK Metcalf go back and forth on Twitter over fumble

Shannon Sharpe, a football analyst, was not impressed by the extra effort Metcalf gave on that play. In any other situation, fighting for extra yards is admirable and something that should be encouraged. However, in this situation, with the clock against you and the risk of turning it over, going out of bounds is the right move.

Sharpe had a Tweet ready for DK immediately after the play, to which DK immediately fired back at:

Calling Shannon Sharpe a ‘lil boy’ probably didn’t sit too well with the Hall of Fame tight end, and so he had another reply ready for DK, prompting another back and forth.

In all honesty, Metcalf is on the wrong side of things here given his potentially costly mistake, and maybe realizing this, he had one final Tweet.

Whether this was a saracastic end to the beef or not does not matter, all that does is that it’s over and didn’t explode more than it needed to. DK is sure to learn from his mistake and continue to thrive as one of the game’s best young receivers.

After all, it wouldn’t hurt to have the resume of a three time Super Bowl champ and Hall of Fame tight end.

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