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Top Speed Showdown: Kishane Thompson to Kenny Bednarek – Meet the Five Fastest Men in the 100M Heading to the Paris Olympics

Rahul Goutam Hoom

Top Speed Showdown: Kishane Thompson to Kenny Bednarek - Meet the Five Fastest Men in the 100M Heading to the Paris Olympics

The track community will witness a tough battle at the Stade de France in a few days as the 2024 Paris Olympics take place. While the 200-meter sprint is highly anticipated, the 100-meter event has gained significant attention following impressive performances at national Olympic Trials, particularly from Jamaica and the US, where athletes like Kishane Thompson, have set high expectations.

According to the World Athletics’ official website, eliminating Christian Coleman, who is the fifth fastest man in the aforementioned category but did not qualify for the Olympics, here are the top five 100-meter runners to watch during the big tournament in Paris.

Kishane Thompson – Jamaica’s New Hope

While the entire world was focused on the US Olympic Trials, it quickly shifted to the Jamaican Olympic Trials. Kishane Thompson’s heat time of 9.82 made him the second-fastest guy in the 100 meters. In the semi-finals of the same division, the athlete ran a 9.84, stunning everyone with his form. The best was yet to come, as in the finals he faced Oblique Seville, who had upset Noah Lyles at the Racers Grand Prix before the Jamaican Olympic Trials.

This time, however, Oblique attempted to outpace Kishane, but the 22-year-old simply jogged past him and even slowed down in the final 60 meters, being sure not to expose his full speed yet, registering an electrifying 9.77. This established a significant milestone in the sport for the Olympic season, and even Noah Lyles was taken aback by the timing of his new Jamaican competitor.

Ferdinand Omanyala – The Beast From the East

Many questions lingered about Kenyan sprinter Ferdinand Omanyala, as he was unable to break the optimum 10-second mark this season, and when he did, he only finished second at the Prefontaine Classic with a 9.98. He arrived for the Kenyan Olympic Trials with little anticipation from the crowd, as he was already dominant in his nation’s races.

He breezed through the heat with an average time of 10.09 and advanced to the finals. However, in the last round, he sprinted and outpaced every other athlete on the grid by many lengths, crossing the finish line in a scorching 9.79. It astounded everyone, and all critics were silenced by this blistering run.

Oblique Seville – Second Fastest Jamaican in 2024

Oblique Seville has raced on bigger venues previously, and the Jamaican crowd cheered as he overcame Noah Lyles in the Racers Grand Prix with a 9.82. There were high expectations for him, and he delivered, as the young athlete demonstrated excellent raw pace in the Jamaican Olympic Trials.

However, in the finals of the 100-meter sprint, he matched his own fastest time of 9.82 seconds, falling only 0.05 seconds short of Kishane Thompson. With the silver medal around his neck, he plans to win the coveted gold on the bigger stage, which every Jamaican fan is looking forward to.

Noah Lyles – A Quest to Track Dominance

Noah Lyles has made grandiose claims about his timing since the start of the 2024 season, claiming that he will set the 200-meter world record in 19.10. However, it will not be an effortless task, since Usain Bolt’s 19.19 has stood firm since the 2009 Berlin World Championships. But the six-time world champion is not only focused on one category; he also aims to surpass the Jamaican icon for the most gold medals in a single Olympic event.

His expectations are great, and at the US Olympic Trials, he demonstrated that he is the fastest American man this season in the 100 meters, winning the final with a 9.83. He was undoubtedly beaten by the Jamaicans, but it is not yet the Olympics, and in track and field, outcomes can vary greatly in a short period of time.

Kenny Bednarek – The Most Consistent Athlete of the United States

Many track legends point to Kenny Bednarek’s 200-meter runs as examples of consistency. However, due to the Olympic Games, the athlete turned his focus to the 100 meters, and he was not disappointed.

In all categories, he has been undoubtedly behind Noah Lyles, but this has made him a strong rival, as he has consistently forced the six-time world champion to race faster than his regular pace. Bednarek finished second in the US Olympic Trials with a 9.87, but with this run, he set a new track and field record for his own career, and he will be expected to run quicker in the Paris Olympics.

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