Snoop Dogg Learns Gun Disarm From Famous Self-Defense Trainer Dale Brown, Who Was Previously Called Out by UFC Fighter

Anujit Vijayakumar
|Published 08/10/2022

Detroit’s self-proclaimed self-defense coach, Dale Brown, is a viral sensation, leading to rapper Snoop Dogg acquiring his services! 

2022 has been a rather strange year for mixed martial arts. The period has witnessed the final calling of a lot of legendary fighters, whilst at the same time, introducing us to an uncanny figure, who has demonstrated his ‘knowledge’ of self-defense.

His antics have warranted numerous responses from Twitter, but most notably gained him a few admirers, including popular and renowned artist, Snoop Dogg. Snoop Dogg can be seen appalled by a ‘gun disarming’ technique illustrated by the self-defense coach.

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In spite of garnering a few eyes from prominent figures, professional martial arts practitioners and competitors have called out Brown, for his lack of expertise!

When it comes to self-defense and martial arts, the professionals always stand tall, having a reputation and credibility that exceeds a span of decades. UFC fighters, who have seen the frolics displayed by Dale Brown, are calling out the Detroit-based coach.

UFC ‘Hall of Famer’ and former Heavyweight champion, Bas Rutten did not take lightly the teachings of Brown and has heavily criticized the apparent self-defense coach.

Rutten commented

“The not real guy? Guys like that get people killed because they give them a false sense of security. “That’s why I don’t teach self-defense in my classes.


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UFC fighters Tai Tuivasa and Sean Strickland have also provided their honest opinions on the D.U.S.T commander, and suffice it to say, they are not impressed.

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In spite of criticisms, the D.U.S.T program leader did find himself a fan in UFC Middleweight, Joaquin Buckley, who holds the accreditation, for the greatest knockout in UFC history!

‘New Mansa’, even paid the facilities center a visit, where he uploaded a video of himself being impressed with Brown. The alliance eventually led to Brown cornering Buckley for his fight, which Buckley won via submission.

Although his tactics have proven to be a failing one, in which the charade has been blown multiple times, the debate still lives on, with a spectrum of martial arts lovers considering him a troll, whereas a smaller portion is invested in his strategies.

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