Andrew Tate RUSHED to Hospital After Serious Lung Problem in Romanian Jail

Afnan Chougle
|Published 10/03/2023

Due to his several internet enterprises, British-American social media star Andrew Tate has amassed a fortune. Because of his wealth, the 36-year-old leads a lavish lifestyle. Andrew Tate would spend his time in Dubai, surrounded by expensive automobiles and other well-known people before his arrest in Romania. He was, however, detained earlier in December on allegations of money laundering and human trafficking. He has spent the last 70 days in a Romanian prison with his younger brother.

It appears that the brothers are beginning to feel the effects of life in prison. Tristan was first believed to have a gastrointestinal illness, according to the reports. Now, according to rumors, the 36-year-old contentious influencer is being rushed to the hospital by the Romanian authorities owing to a major lung issue.

Andrew Tate rushed to the hospital because of a lung problem

Earlier Tate’s manager revealed on Instagram that the self-proclaimed men’s influencer had lung cancer. Later thereafter, Andrew Tate himself denied having such an issue on Twitter. Tate has a lung tumor, according to his medical records from the prior examination.

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The severe circumstances under which the Tate brothers were held in the Romanian jail were also disclosed in an interview with one of the Tate brothers’ relatives. Later, Tate discussed the same thing on his Twitter account.

After his arrest, Tate has already shed nearly 10 kg. The misogynist influencer now appears to be experiencing severe health issues. A YouTube channel following Tate’s case closely recently posted about the issue.

The reports in the video stated that Tate was taken to a private clinic by a police car, which waited 10-15 minutes outside the clinic before entering. A doctor from the Romanian jail had approved the visit because of the lump in Tate’s lung. However, it could also be a regular check-up. But none of this was officially disclosed.

The Tate brothers will be in jail till the end of March

The Tate brothers have been arrested on the suspicion of human trafficking and money laundering. However, they haven’t yet been charged for the crimes as the evidence against them is not provided.

Therefore, the brothers have always maintained their innocence in front of the world. They have also appealed three times. But the Romanian judicial has rejected their plea three times, due to the ongoing investigation.

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Also, the court has allowed them for treatment in Romanian because of their deteriorating health conditions. Now, after the hearing last month, the Tate brothers are expected to stay in prison till the end of March.

What are your thoughts on the Tate brothers’ case so far? What do you guys think about Andrew Tate being taken to the hospital?


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