Andrew Tate NEW Video: ‘Misogynist’ Influencer Looks Weaker Than Ever After Losing 10kgs in Jail

Anujit Vijayakumar
|Published March 10, 2023

Andrew Tate appears to be severely undernourished as the contentious social media influencer made his first public appearance in a while. Tate and his brother, Tristan, were arrested on December 29th on the alleged charges of ra*e, human trafficking, and money laundering. Since then, they have remained in the custody of the Romanian authorities.

Both parties have maintained their innocence while being incarcerated. Despite refuting all allegations against them, Andrew Tate and his brother have been retained in the custody of the Romanian police authorities.

While the pair were outspoken initially regarding the alleged charges filed against them, the past month has seen the manner in which they vocally express themselves diminish.

Having had his previous appeals against his detentions declined, it appears Tate might be on the cusp of accepting his fate. The Top G has now garnered the inquisitiveness of the public in light of his recent appearance. 

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Andrew Tate appears to be skinny in a new video!

Tate and his brother were recently brought to the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism(DIICOT) headquarters on Thursday morning. The aim was to gather intelligence on the seizure of their cryptocurrencies.

It was previously reported that Tate and his brother had their bitcoins seized as part of their arrest. Collectively, their holdings in cryptocurrency amounted to $467,625. Although it’s worth noting that Tristan Tate possessed a significant amount from the sum.

The brothers signed an agreement regarding the unavailability of their cryptocurrencies. In fact, they signed the minutes of their cryptocurrency freeze.

Both brothers were let go shortly after their arrival. However, an aspect that caught the attention of his supporters was the significant weight he lost. Tate appears to look comparatively skinny to his prior self.

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In addition, Tate and his brother remained silent while they were being ushered into the headquarters. Food for thought for his audience, who have expressed their concern for the brothers’ well-being.

However, given the state of affairs surrounding Andrew Tate, his followers will be pleased that he remains alive, although questions could be raised about his health.

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Andrew Tate’s current status!

Tate had recently seen his detention get extended for a further month up until the end of March. Preliminary to this, Andrew Tate and his brother had witnessed their detentions be extended twice, in January and February, respectively.

The reason cited for this was that the Romanian authorities had not concluded their investigation. It is believed that in spite of not possessing any tangible evidence for the alleged charges filed against them, the Romanian government believes that they will inevitably gather evidence.

As things stand, Tate is expected to see out the entirety of this month in prison. To the elation of his admirers, he is still in contact with them through his social media. This can be perceived as good news for the time being.

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