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‘Conor McGregor Is in a ’F*cking Hell’ Situation’: Comedians Cody Ko and Noel Miller React to UFC Star’s Bizarre Interview With Jake Gyllenhaal

Souvik Roy

‘Conor McGregor Is in a ’F*cking Hell’ Situation’: Comedians Cody Ko and Noel Miller React to UFC Star’s Bizarre Interview With Jake Gyllenhaal

The noted UFC icon Conor McGregor recently implied that his return may not happen on his previously mentioned date. He put a break on his training camp to promote his Hollywood debut movie, ‘Road House’. However, one of his interviews alongside the ‘Road House’ lead, Jake Gyllenhaal, is making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Recently, the TMG podcast hosts and comedians, Cody Ko and Noel Miller, dived deep into the same interview and put forward their observations about McGregor in a ‘TMG Podcast Highlights’ video. Most fans would agree that their observations were pretty shocking.

Almost every UFC fan is aware of the fact that McGregor is far from being a sober individual. The 35-year-old has also been spotted drinking at the various events he attends. Lots of fans have also accused him of being a co*aine abuser, although there’s no substantial proof of such allegations. However, the likes of Cody Ko and Noel Miller may have received a hint about their accusations being true from McGregor’s ‘Road House’ interview.

McGregor’s interview did better than just providing hints to the TMG podcast hosts about his substance abuse. His stammered speech and uncontrolled shoulder pop at regular intervals had Cody Ko opining that he was really in a dark place right now. The 33-year-old comedian-YouTuber said,

“Where he [McGregor] is right now, is gotta be fu*king hell”

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Echoing similar sentiments, fans have also stated that every regular individual in their senses will probably be able to spot McGregor’s unnatural behavior in the interview. One of Cody and Noel’s field-mates also gave a piece of advice to McGregor.

YouTuber True Geordie wanted Conor McGregor to visit rehab before making his UFC return

YouTuber ‘True Geordie’ expressed concern regarding his condition in one of his recent videos. Geordie also observed the same interview and predicted that McGregor was going through an ‘after-high withdrawal’ at that time. His concern also made him opine that ‘The Notorious’ needs to get his drug abuse issues sorted by getting into rehab before planning his UFC return.

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Most fans would currently agree with the UFC head honcho Dana White’s statement about McGregor saying that the insane amount of money McGregor had made quenched his thirst to get back inside the octagon. His $200M net worth also indicates that he has enough money to lead a lavish lifestyle, while his recent behavior almost proves that he is doing so.

Whether and when McGregor will return to the UFC are questions that can only be answered by Father Time at the moment. However, if the drug allegations are true, then fans would definitely want McGregor to withdraw from the alleged practices as soon as possible.

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