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Conor McGregor Receives Praise From the Undertaker and Mike Tyson for His UFC ‘Gimmick’ Ahead of Return

Anujit Vijayakumar

Conor McGregor, Mike Tyson

The fame of Conor McGregor extends beyond the bounds of the Mixed Martial Arts community and has even received praise from luminaries in other combat sports verticals, such as Mike Tyson and The Undertaker (Mark Calaway). McGregor laid the blueprint for MMA athletes when he ascended to stardom using his personality. The character portrayed by McGregor is a mixed martial artist who is willing to go to the ends of the earth to assert himself atop the sport. The Irishman has certified himself as the most influential and popular individual in the sport of MMA. His marketability and promotional values to the UFC far outweigh that of any other star who has become a perennial figure, past or present. 

McGregor has previously received a ton of praise from renowned figures worldwide for the manifestation of his MMA career and the plethora of accomplishments he has under his belt.

In this instance, he has been lauded by a couple of combat sports legends over the past three decades, Mike Tyson and The Undertaker.

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Mike Tyson and The Undertaker heap praise on Conor McGregor!

Mike Tyson and The Undertaker were a couple of phenomenal and trivializing athletes during the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s. The pair were a couple of petrifying athletes during their prime in their respective fields.

Tyson and Calaway ushered in a new era of combat sports by revitalizing their dying sports through their presence and work. The Undertaker was recently a guest on the critically acclaimed podcast of Mike Tyson, ‘Hot Boxin’.

The duo discussed innumerable topics. One which stood out for MMA supporters was their recognition and acknowledgment of the UFC and MMA’s most substantial star, Conor McGregor

Calaway and Taker were left in awe over McGregor’s ability to garner an extensive audience through his antics and what they believe to be a ‘Gimmick’. 

Tyson spoke on the importance of a ‘Gimmick’ and said:

“You have to have a gimmick…A mean, tough, street type, custom auto train…Its all a gimmick, it’s real but its a gimmick. The only guys that got all the money, they got a gimmick…Conor McGregor, he has a gimmick..He’s crazy, he’s bold, it’s a gimmick. In real life he’s a beautiful guy….You have to have a gimmick.”

To which the Undertaker concurred responded and said:

“It sells tickets, puts a**es in seats. Thats what we did…That’s a great assessment right there, you have to have a gimmick.” 

Gimmick is a term heavily popularized within the world of professional wrestling. It is the character personification of an individual within the scope of wrestling.

However, an important piece of information to keep in mind is within the ambit of martial arts. The concept of a gimmick is obsolete. Due to the nature of the sport and, more importantly, the fact that the sport is not scripted.

It is in fact, a raw and unfiltered reputation. And image of the person involved in fights that are depicted for fans to see. A fact attested to by McGregor himself.

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Conor McGregor has arrived for The Ultimate Fighter. 

It was earlier disclosed that the Mac would be making his return to the octagon in the second half of 2023. The Irishman is slated to star opposite one of the most electrifying lightweights on the planet, Michael Chandler. 

The plan currently will see them face off against each other following the filming of the 31st season of the Ultimate Fighter, which will be aired between May and August. 

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Regardless of the prospective date, MMA supporters will be elated to witness the Notorious one in action, given the event’s rarity over the past half a decade. 

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