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“Champions trip begins today”: SEN Shahzam on Sentinels leaving for LA to start the Valorant Champions Trip

Tanmaiy Reddy


Sentinels, the first team to lock in their tickets for Valorant Champions, start their journey for the most-awaited LAN tournament.

Valorant Champions is the biggest and the most awaited Valorant event for the year 2021. It is to commence on the 2nd of December 2021. 16 teams across the globe fight for the title “Valorant Champions 2021“.

The first team to qualify for Champions was Sentinel, with a dominant performance in Masters 2 Reykjavik. And as contention for the “best in the world” draws closer, they start their journey for Berlin via LA.

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Sentinels Valorant roster have arrived for photoshoots in LA

Their first stop, LA(Los Angeles), will be filming ground for content videos for Sentinel. The entire Sentinel roster with their loved ones is now in LA.

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Eventually, the five men roster with their new coach Rawkus will leave for Berlin after a week in LA. Everyone is looking forward to watching Sen play following their loss in Master 2 Berlin.

They have always been one of the best teams. As a result,  it would be great to see Sen getting crowned as the best.

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