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Fnatic Boaster to do a Vod Review for India’s Global Esports

Tanmaiy Reddy

Fnatic Boaster

Fnatic Boaster, the most energetic and big brain of Valorant Esports decides to make a Vod Review for Global Esports.

Global Esports is an up-and-coming Valorant Competitive team from India. With Skrossi leading the team, Global Esports showed what they are capable of in the APAC LCQ.

Even though they weren’t able to win the tournament, they placed India in the Valorant Competitive Map.

Fnatic Boaster, IGL for Fnatic Valorant roster, is famous for his positive energy both on and off-stream. Boaster also tends to make videos where he explains how pros think in certain situations and how to improve a casual player’s gameplay.

After being amazed by Global Esport’s performance in APAC LCQ. Boaster decides to help out the team by making a Vod review video, on one of their losses.

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“Planning to record a GlobalEsports VoD review today.” : Fnatic boaster

Boaster took to Twitter yesterday by saying that he is thinking of making a Vod review for Global Esports. And was looking for suggestions and also for someone to do the Hindi subtitles. He received very positive feedback from the fans.

To which Global Esport’s Bhavin Kotwani AKA Hellranger later replied with which matches vod review would be helpful for his team. Which were Ascent against Damwon Gaming or Split against F4Q.

So, Boster decided to make the video on their match on Ascent against Damwon Gaming, which they lost 7-13.

Check out the video review on Boster’s Official Youtube Channel.

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