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Full Sense gets their revenge against Northeption as they win APAC LCQ Grand Finals

Tanmaiy Reddy

Full sense APAC Champions

Full sense defeats Northeption in Valorant APAC LCQ Grand finals, to book their seat in Valorant Champions.

Valorant APAC LCQ started on 11th October consisting of teams from South East Asia(SEA), Korea, Japan, and India. The last chance provided to the top few teams to make it into Valorant Champions.

Full Sense is a team from Thailand. Full Sense did not make it into Masters Three Berlin due to their loss to Alter Ego in the SEA Stage 3: Challengers playoffs. But, this didn’t stop them as they worked hard and made their comeback in APAC Last Chance Qualifiers.

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Full Sense’s Domination in APAC LCQ

Full Sense’s first two matches against Reject and Nurturn were a bit shaky. nevertheless, they won both the series in a 2-1 fashion. Their third match against Northeption was a bit of a struggle. This leads to them losing against Northeption with a 1-2 score. 

After losing to Northeption, Full sense matched up against Damwon Gaming. They destroyed Damwon Gaming in the first map, with a score of 13-1. And accordingly, won the lower finals in a 2-0 fashion.

This victory led them to match up against Northeption in the Grand Finals. This was Full Sense’s second and ultimate chance to get their revenge. And they did not disappoint.

Team Full Sense defeated Northeption in a grueling battle with a score of 3-2. They seemed shaky at first, but they showed mettle when needed and won the series.

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What’s next

But Full Sense’s work is not finished yet. With this victory, they secure their spot in Valorant Champions. Which is to take place in December. Champions will be a tough tournament with the best teams from across the globe fighting for the title of “Valorant Champions 2021”.

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