Gaia’s Vengeance: The New Valorant Skin Bundle coming to Valorant and its release date

Tanmaiy Reddy
|Published February 25, 2022

Take a look at the leaks for the upcoming Skin Collection for Valorant Episode 4 Act 2 with the name Gaia’s Vengeance.

Valorant is on its way to becoming the most famous FPS game out there. And the reason why people are liking it is because of the unique gameplay, rank daemons, and most importantly its weapon skins.

If you are a true Valorant player, then you know that each type of skin has a certain amount of aimbot. And talking about aimbot, we have a new skin collection coming our way with a unique look.

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Gaia’s Vengeance

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This will be the latest collection coming out in the next act. It somewhat seems to be resembling the Ruination collection, but not at all similar. It kind of has a witch/demon vibe and we love it.

The collection consists of the following:

  • Melee (Axe)
  • Ghost
  • Marshall
  • Guardian
  • Vandal
  • A Player Card
  • Buddy
  • and finally a spray

The price of the Bundle is  7100 Valorant points, with each weapon skin individually costing 1775 VP and the melee costing 3550 VP.

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Release Date and Time

This new collection will be available to us with the release of Episode 4 Act 2. Which is to launch at the following time for each region:

  • North America: 1st March 1:30 PM PST
  • Europe: 1st March 3:30 PM CST
  • Southeast Asia: 2nd March 3:00 AM IST

All the above timings are the pre-defined default timing, however, if Riot faces any errors or exceptions while releasing the update, these timings could change. But that seems unlikely.

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