Valorant Episode 4 Act 2 Update Release time and leaks

Tanmaiy Reddy
|Published February 26, 2022

With the current act coming to an end, let’s take a look at the release time and leaks for the upcoming Valorant update.

Valorant’s Episode 4 had a really good start, with Neon, new features, and the battleplass. But now it’s time for a new act to take place, with Act 2 on the horizon.

There are a lot of new changes and updates coming in the patch, but most of it are to balance the meta. So lets take a deeper dive in the leaks for the upcoming update.

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Valorant Episoide 4 Act 2 Leaks

Yoru Rework

The Yoru rework has been in the works since the previous episode. Initally we were supposed to get the rework in Act 1, but it got postponed. But we will get to see the changes live statring in Act 2. To read indepth about the yoru changes click here.

Icebox Changes

There are some pretty amezin Icebox changes coming in Act 2. With a commplete rework of both sites and the mid. You can check out all the changes here.

Agent Changes

Apart from the Yoru changes, Act 2 will also introduce us to the a lot of agent changes. As the whole theme of Act 2 is balancing the agent and map pool.

Gaia’s Vengeance

This the new collection coming to Valorant with a pretty cool ficnisher. Real all about the collection with its cost and release time here.

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Valorant update release date and time

Valorants’ Episode 4 Act 2 will release at the following time for each region:

  • North America: 1st March 06:00 AM PST
  • Europe: 1st March 03:00 PM CST
  • Southeast Asia: 2nd March 03:00 AM IST

All the above timings are the pre-defined default timing, however, if Riot faces any errors or exceptions while releasing the update, these timings could change. But that seems unlikely.

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