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Harmful officially joins the TSM FTX Valorant Academy Roster

Tanmaiy Reddy

Harmful officially joins the TSM FTX Valorant Academy Roster

The rank demon and the Jett 1 trick(jk) one and only Harmful officially joins the TSM FTX Valorant Academy Roster.

Mohammed “Harmful” Choudhary is an American professional Valorant player. He got famous by initially dominating the NA rank scene and doing it in style.

And after getting some recognition Harmful decided to make a move to the competitive scene. He got a chance to sub into a few teams for the “Micky mouse tournament”. Such as The Guard, AndBox, Squirtle Squad, and more. And all the matches for these teams led him to where he is today.

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TSM FTX Harmful

Harmful Started playing for the TSM FTX Academic valorant roster on 11th January 2022, but he was only on trial bases. And since then the TSM Academic roster has won 18 out of 28 matches. With harmful consistently top fragging with either Jett or Chamber.

And after almost 2 months, TSM FTX has officially announced Harmful as a member of the TSM FTX Valorant Academic Roster.

We all have seen him outshine others in the rank matches, as well as his competitive matches. This is a big opportunity for him and we are sure we will get to see some big things from him.

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Recent Performance of TSM Academy

TSM Academy came third in the BoomTV Proving grounds, 5th in the Knights Monthly FEB Gauntlet, and 5th in the YFP winter Classic. These performances might not seem like much but this shows that they have a lot of potential going forward.

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