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Ninjas in Pyjamas dominate Fnatic in their first matchup in International Lan in a 2-0 fashion

Tanmaiy Reddy

Ninjas in Pyjamas dominate Fnatic in their first matchup in International Lan in a 2-0 fashion


Take a look at the recap of the unexpected turn-off events in what we thought will be an easy matchup, Fnatic vs Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Fnatic has been one of the best teams in the Valorant competitive scene since the beginning of VCT. And going into 2022 Fnatic just seems to dominate till the qualifiers. But we have seen a decline in their performance since they qualified.

Going into Valorant Masters Fantic didn’t have their full roster, BreaveAF was suspended, and travel banned. And Derke was covid positive a week ago which didn’t allow him to play on stage. But he got cleared a few days ago and is currently in quarantine. So that’s why he wasn’t playing in FNC vs NIP.

But just this shouldn’t affect one of the biggest orgs. At the same time, Ninjas in Pyjamas just seem dominant in their performance and their teamwork.

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Fnatic vs Ninjas in Pyjamas

Going into this matchup Fnatic had the higher seeding. So, they pick Ascent as the first map, with NIP picking Split as the second and Icebox being the decider.

Map 1: Ascent

This map was Fnatic’s pick, but it didn’t seem like it. NIP just came to play and dominate on LAN, the Brazilian momentum was just impossible to attain. They just seemed more prepared, more confident, and had the crispest aim. To give a small summary of the map, NIP farmed the f** out of fnatic.

They went 9-3 in the first half and defeated the curse in a 13-7 format.

Map 2: Split

After some tech pauses and long breaks, we got into the second matchup. After a dominant map on fnatics pick, this just looked like a piece of cake for NIP. And yes that is what it was like. NIP went 8-4 in the first half(while being on the attacker side). And went on to defeat EU’s one of the best teams with shorties and bucky’s with a score of 13-8.

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Upcoming matches for both teams

Thanks to today’s win Ninjas in Pyjamas will go on to play against DRX in the upper qualifiers tomorrow.

While Fnatic will go on to play against Zeta division, in the eliminator bracket tomorrow.

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