‘No matter what, Sentinels are changing their roster’, Shroud predictions post Sentinels’ exit in Valorant Champions 2021 Berlin.

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|Published December 09, 2021

Ex CS:GO pro turned Twitch celeb Shroud, thinks a major change is due at Sentinels, post their hasty exit at Valorant Champions. What can stir up the Valorant pro-player market?

Sentinels and North American Valorant scenes go hand in hand. Yet, the current underwhelming series of performances at the Valorant Champions Groups left the entire esports community in disarray.

Being passionate about sports is well appreciated by everyone. But, a sense of self-approved accolades has plagued the NA region in recent years.

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This transcript is an extensive explanation of what Shroud meant. It also pertains to the general North American eSports scene at the moment.

Sentinels performance and Valorant Champions 2021 exit.

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Sentinels had a pretty good early momentum. But, it all started to fall apart after they lost their first match to Team Liquid for Seed #1.

Eventually, when they were matched up against KRU ESports, everyone predicted a cakewalk. On the other hand, Sentinels received the thrashing of their life.

Fracture caught the Sentinels members off guard. Even though NA giants won, it was by the skin of their teeth.

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But the cracks began to clearly show up. TenZ and ShahZam were completely shut down in map 3. KRU ESports had really done their homework.

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Why did Shroud say what he said about Sentinels?

Expectations are high when the investments made are in significant amounts. Every team with wise management knows when to call it. It is a necessary skill.

We think, just as Shroud mentioned, a change is imminent at Sentinels. It will be either the decision of a singular player affecting the entire team or a hasty decision from execs.

But, a focus on too many solo queues has destroyed the region. In an eSports meta where teamplay is necessary, playing with the team is a necessity.

Shroud: No matter what they are changing the roster?

Just9n: They are not gonna change the roster if they win Champs?

Shroud: One, Sentinels are not gonna win. And two, they are gonna change the roster. C9 is gonna win!!(smiles)

Sentinels might just come back next season with the same roster. These are all predictions made in the heat of the moment.

As a result, time will be the messenger. From what we know, a winning team takes time to build. Impatience would only deteriorate the current vulnerabilities.

To sum up, let us just say, “Put a cork to over-expectations.” No Valorant Champions Sentinels, Shroud called it.

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