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Valorant Character/ Agent changes for Episode 4: Neon, Upcoming Yoru changes, Agent changed for Act 1 and more

Tanmaiy Reddy

Valorant Character/ Agent

With the new season dropping soon, The valorant character/ Agent Team got together to discuss further changes and updates.

Valorant’s current episode is about to end. But, before it ends the Valorant developers got together to talk about upcoming changes to agents. The devs are constantly trying to balance the meta. However, some agents just remain dominant.

But the new agents and some other updates do make it seem that the meta can change. And make the gameplay interesting for everyone.

The devs who joined us were John Goscicki the Character producer and Ryan Cousart the Agent Designer.

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Valorant Character/ Agent Info and changes

Neon’s Backstory

The theme that drives neon and its development are “Fast and Frenetic “. Ryan also added that “You can see that she has a quick cast than not a lot of agents have“.

The devs face some difficulty while creating audio queues for her ability and her ultimate damage sound. And to clear this they use authentic Philippine sounds from their traditional music. They joking just slammed two bamboo sticks together which created a unique sound for them to use.

Upcoming Agent Changes for Episode 4 Act 1

The devs didn’t want to give away the changes. However, we did get to know that we will be looking at changes on almost half of the roster. Which is almost close to 8-10 agents.

Moreover, these will not be some massive changes, but some small changes. Which will help balance the agents more. As they don’t want to have only 3-4 agents who are played the most and the rest are left alone.

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Upcoming Yoru’s Abilities Remake

Unfortunately, we will not see the Yoru changes at the start of Act 1 of Episode 4. But the update is set to be available to play after patch 4.03.

Yoru got a full rework starting with a fake teleport, a hologram, and more. Read more about Yoru changes here.

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