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VALORANT: Upcoming Sova nerfs in VALORANT

Yuvansh Ruia
|Mon Apr 25 2022

Sova, the beloved Russian initiator is getting some harsh treatment from Riot Games after the Jett nerf in the recent update.

Sova is one of the few agents to not receive any nerfs or buffs . Breach and Sova were the only initiator agents in VALORANT. Initially, Sova seemed like the superior initiator considering there were only two agents in his class. However, with the additions of KAY/O and Skye, the Initiator class is pretty balanced. But for many professional teams and even in casual ranked games, Sova’s pick-rate has always been high.

Considering that Riot had decided to make this Episode more about bringing balance to the agents, Sova is now getting some nerfs. With Jett being nerfed recently, Sova is next in line.

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Sova nerfs

The Russian bow and arrow wielder has been given some harsh treatment by Riot Games. All the Sova mains out there are going to cry internally after seeing these nerfs.

  1. Max damage on shock darts lowered from 90 to 75.
    This means double shock darts will only kill the target if the target is perfectly in the center of explosion. Rip double shock dart line-ups.

  2. Sova’s drone has a lot shorter duration. The marked target is only tagged 2 times (instead of 3). They fixed the drone controls if it’s any consolation (it’s not really).

  3. They also added new animation when Sova equips his bow, his left hand now covers left side of the bottom hud, so it pretty much kills all the line-ups that used that hud as a reference.


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Reactions to upcoming nerfs

Most players and fans agree with the nerf on Sova’s Owl Drone. But most of the other nerfs feel a bit. Especially the one which covers the bottom HUD making it impossible for shock dart lineups.

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