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VCT APAC 2022: Everything you need to know about the Asia Pacific Valorant Champions Tour 2022.

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VCT APAC 2022 format and schedule

Riot and Valorant announced the VCT APAC 2022 details and format. Here is everything you need to know about the VCT 2022 in APAC.

The Asia Pacific VCT 2022 has brought in new regions and a new format. Consequently, a total of 8 regions will participate for the seat to Masters and Champions.

Now, Valorant looks to become bigger than 2021. But, current Pandemic norms due to the Omicron strain, could undermine the grand plan.

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Now, the Valorant Champions Tour returns after a spectacular first year. Through pandemic norms, new records were set.

Hence, all accolades led to Valorant being awarded the Best Esports Title of 2021. Now, the VCT APAC circuit features more teams, higher stakes and an updated competitive schedule.

Newly added regions to VCT APAC 2022.

Currently, South Asia and Oceania now play alongside Southeast Asia in the APAC circuit. As a result, the total number of participating regions amount to 8.

Also, the inclusion means that players from South Asia and Oceania fall under the APAC residency rule. Hence, the aforementioned regions are no longer counted as imports.

Consequently, the Total competitive markets include- Thailand, The Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Asia, Oceania, Singapore/Malaysia and Taiwan/Hong Kong.

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Competitive format for VCT 2022.

The VCT 2022 Season is structured around 3 global events. Currently, Masters 1, Masters 2 and Champions in 2022.

Hence, teams have more chances to duke it out on the international stage. Also, higher stakes are at play here.

From the APAC, teams fight through a three-stage competitive format. Eventually, the points accumulated allows for the chance to compete at global events.

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The format is as follows:

1. Local Challengers: Teams will participate in local-level tournaments for a chance to secure a seed at the Regional Playoffs.

2. Regional Playoffs: Teams that qualify for Playoffs compete for Circuit Points. Those with high enough points will be invited to Global Events.

3. Global Events: These international events come with prestige, high prize pools and massive Circuit Point pools.

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APAC Slot allocation region wise.

Regional allocations are split across a 20-team competitive format. Hence, Seeds are determined by the number of teams in each region. Currently, Slot allocations by region are as follows:

Taiwan/Hong Kong2
South Asia2

Registration for APAC VCT 2022.

For now, Team registrations will happen on THIS registration platform. Teams from Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore/Malaysia and Taiwan/Hong Kong should register there.

But, South Asia and Oceania team registrations take place on Nodwin Gaming and Let’s Play Live.

Eventually, registered players receive info on at hand Open Qualifiers. Also, their local market operator notifies them of events and corresponding details.

Also, check-in on for schedule details. Hence, that makes up everything you need to know on VCT APAC 2022.

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