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Valorant Patch Notes 4.0 : Take a look at Everything new and improved for Episode 4 Act 1

Tanmaiy Reddy

Valorant Episode 4 Changes

Valorant Episode 3 is ending soon. But before it ends let’s take a look at Valorant Episode 4 changes and updates.

Valorant has gained immense popularity in the last year. All thank the fact the Riot developers are always adding some new and exciting features. Also, the valorant Episode 3 is coming to an end in a few days, so we got the chance to look at some of the new updates.

These updates and changes will be made live once Episode 4 Act 1 kicks off. In fact, Episode 4 is due to kick off on the 12th of January 2022. So without future ado let us look at the upcoming changes for episode 4.

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Valorant Episode 4 Changes And Additions

New Valorant Agent: Neon

With Episode 4 act 1 we will get to play the latest addition to the game Agent 19: “Neon“. Learn the detailed description and breakdown of her abilities here. Also, be sure to unlock it as soon as possible.

Weapon Changes

Ares Buff

For some reason, the valorant developers thought that Ares was not overpowered as is so they decided to buff it. The new aris has no spin up and its fire rate is increased. Which means it equips and fires faster.

Melee Attack Changes

The increase in hitbox means that you can hit people from a longer range. However, the left click of the melee still has more area of contact.

Guardian Changes

The rate of fire for the Guardian without the ads is equal to that of with ads. Which means you can fire bullets at the same speed on or off ads.

Specter Nerf

The accuracy of the specter for long-range is reduced. However, you can still run and gun close range to tilt people.

Valorant Episode 4 Battle Pass

With the new act, we get to unlock the new battle pass. Which is full of new skins and a karambit melee. In fact, the karambit melee looks a lot like the CS: GO melee which some might enjoy.

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New Valorant Episode 4 Bundle

I don’t know how but Riot always ends up surprising the whole community. This new skin bundle is insane. In fact, this is the first skin bundle to have a voice line. How cool is that, but it does come with a price. a huge price.

The bundle is worth 9900 Valorant points or 120 US dollars.

The weapons in the bundle are:

  • Melee – 4590 VP
  • Sheriff – 2475 VP
  • Bulldog – 2475 VP
  • Spector – 2475 VP
  • Phantom – 2475 VP

Valorant Episode 3 Gun Buddies

And last but not least the episode 3 gun buddies. Valorant shows their appreciation of you playing their game by providing you with the buddy of the highest rank you were able to achieve in one Episode.

Be sure to equip your buddy and flex on your enemies.

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