What is JP in GTA V? The Uses of JP Explained

Adnan Juzar Kachwala
|Published 28/11/2022

The JP in GTA V is used to give you an advantage while doing a job. We will discuss all the details of JP in this article.

When you complete Jobs in GTA Online you get Job Points. The primary purpose of the Job Points is to give credibility to the player holding them. For example, the more Job Points a player has, the better the chances of his team winning the tiebreaker. It also gives the advantage to the team with the most points.

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How to Get Job Points: More information about JP in GTA V

Every Job that you do has a variance in terms of the points you can get upon completion. There are jobs like Golfing, Deathmatches, races, and more. Now, the number of points you get is determined by the ranking you have on a playlist after a job is finished. We will soon discuss the number of points you get in each position.

If you are doing something story-related, then the JP is given on the basis of the objectives completed. However, if it is something like a race or a deathmatch event, the JP gets distributed a little differently.

  1. 1st Place gets 15 JP
  2. 2nd Place gets 12 JP
  3. 3rd Place gets 10 JP
  4. 4th Place gets 8 JP
  5. 5th Place gets 7 JP

Now, the number of JP you have will also be displayed near your online ID. That is when you will know how much of a higher chance of winning you will have. In essence, these points are there to settle any draws or ties which can give you an advantage on the job selection screen. That is why, in hindsight, these points might seem redundant but are very important in online play.

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