Is WWE Secretly hinting at the returning Cody Rhodes as Seth Rollins’s Opponent at this year’s Wrestlemania?

Yasser Ayaz
|Published March 15, 2022

Dave Meltzer talks about Seth Rollins vs Cody Rhodes on Wrestling Observer Radio; Corey Graves mentions the word “Nightmare” at this week’s Monday Night Raw.

With less than three weeks left, Seth’s road to Wrestlemania is left with no direction. Last week Seth Rollins turned all of his social media profiles into the black after his loss for the tag team titles alongside Kevin Owens.

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Is Seth Rollins going to miss this year’s Wrestlemania Or Is the WWE keeping his match with Cody Rhodes a last-minute secret?

This week’s edition of Raw saw Seth Rollins talking about how he has no opponent for WrestleMania this year. The Visionary also came up with an idea and called Kevin Owens to the ring. The Visionary proposed to replace the KO Show with his Seth Freakin Rollins Show at this year’s Wrestlemania with Stone Cold Steve Austin as a guest.

Crowd Chanting Cody’s name during this week’s Monday Night Raw

Kevin Owen was not pleased with the idea of his friend replacing his show at the grandest stage of all. Seth Rollins then challenged Kevin Owens for a match later on Raw. The crowd chanted the name of Cody Rhodes when Seth Rollins pointed towards the Wrestlemania sign during this segment. 

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Although Kevin Owens was unhappy with his tag team buddy Seth, WWE Official Sonya Deville was pleased with the idea. She further announced a match between the two in the main event later on in the show. The winner will host his show at Wrestlemania.

Seth loses to Owens in the main event and fails to book his spot at Wrestlemania

The match between Rollins and Owens delivered to its expectations with ringside action, toprope moves and a lot more. Eventually, Seth lost the match when Owens dodged Curb Stomp, converting it into a Stunner.

Cory Graves mentions “Nightmare” in his commentary during this Week’s Raw Main event lighting up the rumours even more.

Several rumours were alluding to the return of the American Nightmare “Cody Rhodes” on this week’s Monday Night Raw, but nothing of that sort happened. After the match, where Kevin Owen was happy with his spot fixed, Seth looked devastated in the ring. 

Although it seems like Seth will be missing this year’s Wrestlemania, there were a couple of the things that Corey Graves said that hinted at Cody’s return. Corey Graves said Seth’s WrestleMania dreams are dashed and turned into a nightmare, mentioning the word “Nightmare”. Whether it is just a co-incident or an intentional hint is yet to be seen. 

Even Dave Meltzer during Wrestling Observer Radio hinted the same. He said, 

“On Friday, Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins was still listed as a match for WrestleMania…nobody knew if he was gonna be there tomorrow night or not. Again, Cody may know [and] Vince may know but it’s not like they were advertising it backstage or telling people or even creative.”

With less than 20 days left for this year’s Wrestlemania, it will be interesting to see how WWE leads the path of ‘The Visionary’ Seth Rollins.

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