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“Sasha Banks and Naomi Are Back” – Former Women’s Tag Team Champions Featured During the Crown Jewel Live Intro

Yasser Ayaz

Naomi WWE exit

Sasha Banks and Naomi have been missing from WWE tv since their backstage controversy earlier this year. Dissatisfied with the booking of WWE’s female division, both women walked out leaving their championships backstage. The whole controversy transpired before the 16 May episode of Monday Night RAW. Banks and Naomi were immediately stripped of their tag team titles and suspended from the company indefinitely.

The suspension not only led to Sasha Banks and Naomi getting taken off the tv, but it got them removed virtually from everywhere. WWE pulled their merchandise from the store and even replaced them from the intro video. Now, for the first time in the last six months, there are some positive signs teasing their WWE return.

Sasha Banks and Naomi are finally back to the official WWE intro video

In the midst of rumors stating Sasha Banks and Naomi are done with WWE, a couple of recent incidents suggest otherwise. This Friday, The Boss took to her social media and talked about something crazy happening this month. She also mentioned that she has been waiting for the moment for the last six months. Though nothing was revealed about what was coming.

Now, during the beginning of the Crown Jewel PPV, fans saw something that has put more fuel to the rumors of their WWE return. Sasha Banks and Naomi were glimpsed during WWE’s intro video of the recent Saudi show. Since the controversy and suspension in May, this is the first instance WWE has featured them in the video. 

Although there has been no official confirmation from either side, all signs are teasing their return. Now as Triple h has shown so far, he likes to keep surprises even more surprising. So their return date gets even harder to anticipate.

However, with the next pay-per-view just a few weeks away, the former Women’s Tag Team Champions could be returning soon.

Both women became the champions at this year’s Wrestlemania

This year’s Show of Show saw the WWE women’s tag team titles being defended in a Fatal Four Way Match. Overpowering the champions Carmella and Queen Zelina and two other teams, Sasha Banks and Naomi became the new champions.

However, the title reign wasn’t as noteworthy as it should have thanks to the booking of Mr. McMahon. Instead of utilizing them as a tag team, the former CEO featured both women in singles matches, and that too as a filler to the main championships. All things eventually led to both women walking out forfeiting their titles backstage.

Anyway, WWE bringing both women back to the intro video is so far a positive sign. In a way, it does suggest a tv return is on its way. Well, it will be interesting to see when and how Triple H brings the tag team back.

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