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Sasha Banks WWE Release: Latest reports reveal the backstage talk among the WWE talents related to her release

Yasser Ayaz

Sasha Banks WWE release

Fightful Select’s recent report discloses the backstage talk regarding the speculated release of Sasha Banks from WWE.

Sasha Banks hit the news last month when she left her tag team title backstage alongside her tag team partner Naomi. The duo left the building expressing their dissatisfaction with the way the women’s tag-team division was treated. Both were suspended indefinitely and stripped of their titles. Since then, there have been conflicting reports regarding the release of Sasha Banks from WWE.

Initially, WrestlingINC’s Raj Giri and WrestleVotes reported that The Boss was released from WWE. Though it was unclear whether the release was granted or demanded. However, Fightful Select did not agree with the claim at that time. But they did note that Banks’ attorneys were in talks with WWE to finalize the release.

Recently, Fightful Select has shared some new details unveiling the backstage talks among the WWE superstars.

Backstage talks suggest Sasha Banks has been released from WWE

Fightful Select revealed the backstage discussions on the 17th June episode of SmackDown suggested Sasha Banks’ departure from the company. Moreover, the report noted several talents backstage were reportedly talking openly about her release.

Although the talents were not informed officially, Fightful believes the source is in a good position to make that claim as he/she is a good friend of Banks. So far, WWE has given no statement as to whether Banks has been released or not. 

Anyway, Sasha Banks’ status with WWE doesn’t look good as most of the reports are hinting toward her release. Even WrestlingWorldCC recently made a tweet solidifying the rumors even more.

Meanwhile, WWE has stopped referencing Sasha Banks and Naomi in every way possible. First, they replaced Sasha from their TV graphic intro, then they terminated their Facebook page. Not to forget, WWE pulling off their merchandise from the store. Surprisingly, one such incident happened on the same edition of SmackDown Live.

WWE removes a fan poster supporting the former SmackDown women’s champion

A Sasha Banks fan was glimpsed holding a poster on the same episode of SmackDown. The fan poster is clearly visible in online videos, but not in WWE’s official clip. Fightful noticed the edit and took to Twitter to mention it. The tweet stated:

“WWE really photoshopped this sign. It said Sasha Krew 4 Life.”

It appears WWE has adopted a zero-tolerance policy towards the actions of the duo. While Naomi is still under suspension, Banks might be gone. Anyway, if The Boss is released, it will be interesting to see if she is heading towards AEW.

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