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“She might kill you if she sees you” – Ronda Rousey had to warn Becky Lynch not to mention her mother during her promos

Yasser Ayaz
|Thu Jun 02 2022

Ronda Rousey recently recalled the moment when she asked Becky Lynch to keep her mother out of their heated promos.

Both Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey were involved in a fierce feud in 2019. The rivalry between the two top female superstars in WWE saw many unexpected twists and was loaded with heated in-ring promos. Becky Lynch even mentioned Rousey’s husband and mother in her in-ring promos.

Both women alongside Charlotte Flair eventually headlined WrestleMania 35 becoming the first three women to ever do so.

Ronda Rousey recently appeared on a podcast where she admitted that once she had to warn Big Time Becks.

Ronda Rousey warned Becky Lynch to keep her mother’s name away from her promos

Recently, the badest woman on the planet appeared on the Wives of Wrestling Podcast. While talking on the show, Rousey admitted that she once had to warn Becky Lynch about her mother. Rousey’s mother, AnnMaria De Mars was not happy with Becky Lynch mentioning her name. 

AnnMaria De Mars, who is a former world champion in Judo wasn’t pleased with the promos cut by Becky back then. Recalling the moment, Rousey said: 

“I think my mom might actually like haul off and beat the s*** out of somebody if they said something that pissed her off. Like, a 100 percent. I had to at one point tell Becky like, ‘hey Becky. I don’t think you can say anything else with my mom, because when she might kill you if she sees you.’

My mom literally said to me, she was like, ‘these people might pay you to put up with this kind of s— no one’s paying me, if anyone says s*** about me, and I see them in person, I’m going to break their f****ing arm.”


Becky Lynch came victorious over Ronda Rousey and Charolette Flair at Wrestlemania 35. Both women have not come face to face since then. While Becky Lynch is involved in a feud with returning Asuka, The badest woman on the planet will be facing Charlotte Flair at Wrestlemania Backlash.

Rousey will face Charlotte Flair in an ‘I Quit Match’

The badest woman on the planet made her comeback in the 2022 Royal Rumble. Rousey won the match and choose to face Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania 38 for SmackDown’s Women’s Championship. Ronda Rousey lost her Wrestlemania 38 thanks to Queen’s heel tactics.

The duo will be facing each other again for the SmackDown’s Women’s Championship in an ‘I Quit Match’ at Wrestlemania Backlash.

Both Lynch and Rousey are on different brands now, it will be interesting to see when these women will face each other in the ring. 

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