Sonya Deville was reportedly mad enough to want to fight Charlotte Flair after “Championship Exchange” segment on SmackDown

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|Published 26/10/2021

Sonya Deville was reportedly mad enough to want to fight Charlotte Flair after “Championship Exchange” segment with Becky Lynch on SmackDown.

The WWE advertised a title exchange segment with Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair on SmackDown last week. Lynch and Flair were the SmackDown and RAW Women’s Champion respectively but were drafted to the opposite brand. The solution for this conundrum was a title exchange between the two women.

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What should have been a simple swap however, dwelved into chaos with Flair refusing to follow the script. Lynch was supposed to snatch the Raw Women’s Championship from Flair and do a bit where she would boast about being Becky two belts again. However, Flair dropped the belt instead of allowing Lynch to take it from her in an attempt to sabotage the segment and one up the Man.

Sonya Deville, the authority incharge during the segment, managed to take control of the situation and keep things together. Although, it seems she wasn’t pleased with the events that had taken place and argued with the Queen backstage and matters almost went south between the two.

Sonya Deville was reportedly mad enough to want to fight Charlotte Flair after “Championship Exchange” segment on SmackDown

According to PWInsider, Deville was livid with Flair and the two had an argument after SmackDown went off the air. She was reportedly “mad enough to want to fight Flair.”

“The Lynch confrontation took place in the gorilla position in full view of Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard, among others and received the lion’s share of attention initially, but Lynch was not the only person upset with Flair. Two different sources described Sonya Deville as ‘mad enough to want to fight Flair’ and at one point, also having an argument with Flair backstage at Smackdown.”

The report also adds that Lynch and Flair had a loud and angry argument with Lynch described as standing up for herself after being disrespected.

The criticism on Flair is that she’s been self-indulgent towards protecting herself and making sure that all attention is on her, but one source not close to Flair said the following to PWInsider:

“Let’s be honest, that’s what stars do. They make sure their star power remains the same or greater.”

It remains to be seen how WWE deals with the situation. Despite the resentment towards Flair that has been building for a while, it is highly unlikely that the promotion will allow her to leave.

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