“We can do it in a ‘no sanctioned’ country” – Colby Covington once expressed his desire to fight former WWE Champion

Yasser Ayaz
|Published 07/06/2022

UFC Superstar Colby Covington once stated that he wanted to go face-to-face with Former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. 

MMA fighters talking about WWE and expressing their desire to face WWE  stars isn’t something new, but it never gets old. There have been many instances when MMA fighters and pro-wrestlers have switched companies and found plenty of success.

In 2020, UFC megastar Colby “Chaos” Covington made an appearance on SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio Podcast where he expressed his desire to face Drew McIntyre.

Colby Covington proposed to face Drew McIntyre in a ‘no sanctioned’ country

While talking to the host Mark Henry, Colby chatted about several topics including going one-on-one with the Scottish Warrior Drew McIntyre. Talking about the 2020 WWE roster, the UFC star seemed impressed by Drew McIntyre, who was the WWE Champion at that time. 

“He’s a guy that’s coming out, he’s a big, powerful guy. He reinvented himself. He beat Brock Lesnar, that’s no joke… I’m getting to the top of the mountain, I’m trying to fight Drew McIntyre. That’s where the view is the best.” Colby stated.

While talking about his match with McIntyre, the UFC star claimed the match would be brutal and WWE’s PG Era approach might not allow that to happen. Not just that, Colby pitched the idea of booking the match in a ‘no sanctioned’ country. 

Comparing his match with McIntyre to ‘David versus Goliath’, Chaos Covington proposed the match to happen in the UK or Saudi Arabia. He said:

“WWE may not want this because of the violence and it being too dangerous. The last time I checked? People love danger and violence so let’s give it to them… Then, I recommend, we can do it in a ‘no sanctioned’ country. Maybe we do it in the UK? Maybe we do it in Saudi Arabia? But I think there needs to be a fight between me and Drew McIntyre, you know? David versus Goliath.”

The UFC superstar is open to working with WWE after retiring from MMA

A few months back, Covington stated that he would love to step into the squared circle. The UFC star also mentioned that he loves what he does in the Octagon. But, once done with MMA, the 34 years old would love to work with WWE.

“I’d love to cross over and come into the WWE. But I love being a UFC fighter. I love fighting; it’s my passion and what I was born and put on this earth to do. After my career with the UFC is done, WWE is something I’d love to dabble in.” Colby said.

Even in the past, Colby Covington has hinted at his possibility of landing in WWE someday. Well, if the welterweight signs with WWE in near future, The Scottish Warrior might be the one he ends up feuding with first.

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