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“We were friends, but we weren’t close enough” – WWE Hall of Famer reveals how he and John Cena could never be close friends

Rishabh Singh

Kurt Angle John Cena

WWE Hall of Famer revealed that his friendship with John Cena wasn’t always close-knitted despite working together in the same company.

WWE’s Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle recently shined the light on his relationship with the wrestler-turned-actor John Cena. The 16-time WWE Champion John Cena made his debut as a rookie in 2002 in the ruthless aggression era in a match with Kurt Angle who was already an exalted wrestler in the company.

For a rookie, Cena packed on a lot of muscle and showed no fear. To this day, that match is still remembered as one of the best matches of John Cena in his rookie years. On the latest edition of The Kurt Angle Show, Kurt revealed that his friendship with John wasn’t always very close-knitted.

He said that they hadn’t kept in touch much. Make no mistake, both men are good friends in real life and have enormous respect for each other but their interaction with each other has been limited. Kurt left WWE in 2006 and only returned 11 years later.

During his absence, Cena became the rising star and carried the weight of the company on his back when WWE’s attrition rate went up when stars like The Rock, Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, Kurt Angle, and more left. Cena rose to the top to have classic rivalries with the likes of Edge, Randy Orton, Batista, and many others.

Although Angle had jumped ships from the WWE to TNA, he never failed to follow Cena’s success stories and kept a close track of his career. 

“No, but I kept tabs on him. I follow his career. He was actually even better than he was when I was there,” said Kurt Angle. “But we didn’t talk that much. We were friends, but we weren’t close enough that we’d reach out to each other even though we were in the same company.” 

Later on the show, Kurt made it clear that they had long conversations whenever he bumped into John even though they spoke infrequently. Kurt explained that even though the duo hasn’t corresponded much, the friendship has mutual respect. 

“If I see him around, we talk, we shoot the sh**, sit around for an hour and talk and bullsh**. You know, we don’t really keep tabs on each other,” Angle continued. “We don’t contact each other or call each other. We don’t even text or email each other, but whenever we see each other, we have mutual respect,” Angle added.

Kurt understands that it’s only fitting that Cena or he were unable to keep in touch as their schedules were tight. Cena’s career skyrocketed after 2005 when he defeated JBL and claimed the WWE Championship. He then got busy with Hollywood. Even today, Cena is no less a hard worker than he was. 

Kurt Angle reveals his inner circle of friends

During his stint in the WWE, Angle rubbed elbows with other sets of superstars that he formed a strong bond with. Some of them were Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas, Edge, Christian, and Rhyno.

Angle later left the company and had an iconic career in TNA.

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