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Angelica Jardine Is the Arnold Strongwoman Classic 2024 Champion After Securing a Magnificent Win in the Stone Medley Event

Brandon Gabriel Isaacs

Angelica Jardine Is the Arnold Strongwoman Classic 2024 Champion After Securing a Magnificent Win in the Stone Medley Event

After five eventful categories and two days of fierce competition, Angelica Jardine has been crowned the Arnold Strongwoman Classic 2024 champion. What better way than this to end the prestigious Strongwoman Classic events? 

Placed in third place before the final event of the Strongwoman Classic, it was anybody’s title to win. However, Jardine had other plans at the event and proved her will to fight and take home the championship. On the day-1 event, Angelica was placed 8th in the Elephant Bar Deadlift category and 5th in the Timber Carry event. 

On day 2 of the Strongwomen Classic, Jardine was in no mood to give up. She walked in for the very first event and secured a top win at the Jeck Stone Carry. She was then placed 5th in the Monster Dumbbell event giving her an overall point of 33 and third in the leaderboard. 

What changed fortunes for Jardine was the final event, the Stone Medley. In this event, athletes need to lift three rocks weighing 155 pounds, 238 pounds, and 259 pounds. However, the turning point in this event is that athletes need to pick up the last stone (259 pounds) and do as many reps as possible off their shoulders. 

While most athletes found it difficult to complete 2 reps, Angelica Jardine just killed the event with her strength. She proved that she was there to stay by lifting the last stone for four continuous reps, taking the total reps to six. This helped her win the 2024 Arnold Strongwoman Classic.

Olga Liashchuk came in second in the final event, managing to do 4 reps, and Samantha Belliveau came in third, doing 3 reps. All the other athletes were able to lift only the first 2 stones, and could not do even 1 rep with the last stone. Below is how the athletes fared in the final event of the Strongwoman Classic. 

  • Angelica Jardine – 6 reps
  • Olga Liashchuk – 4 reps
  • Samantha Belliveau – 3 reps
  • Erin Murray – 2 reps
  • Melissa Peacock – 2 reps
  • Andrea Thompson – 2 reps
  • Rebecca Roberts – 2 reps
  • Inez Carrasquillo – 2 reps
  • Hannah Linzay – 2 reps
  • Lucy Underdown – 2 reps

Arnold Strongwoman Classic 2024 final results and leaderboard

Though Lucy Underdown was the front-runner to win the championship title, this tale had a twist. Jardine’s impressive win at the final event saw her score a total of 45 points, leading the Strongwomen Classic leaderboard.

Olga Liashchuk, the championship’s runner-up with 44.5 points, came in second. Lucy Underdown stood in third place with a total of 41.5 points. The final points of all the athletes from all five events are provided below.

  1. Angelica Jardine 45 points
  2. Olga Liashchuk – 44.5 points
  3. Lucy Underdown – 41.5 points
  4. Hannah Linzay – 38 points
  5. Inez Carrasquillo – 35 points
  6. Samantha Belliveau – 34 point
  7. Rebecca Roberts – 34 points
  8. Andrea Thompson – 33 points
  9. Melissa Peacock – 30 points
  10. Erin Murray – 27 points
  11. Victoria Long – 10 points
  12. Donna Moore – 7 points

The Arnold Strongwoman Classic 2024 was nothing short of an entertainer this year, keeping fans at their feet. With Angelica Jardine winning the title, the Arnold Strongwoman Classic comes to a banging end.

Post Edited By:Simar Singh Wadhwa

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