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Blue Light Strikes again? TikTok star Addison Rae releases Screen Break cosmetic based on the RFLCT product line.

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Addison Rae screen break

TikTok star and astronomically popular influencer Addison Rae advertised her involvement in a” blue light and anti-pollution protection mist ” this week called Screen Break.

Screen Break is an ITEM Beauty product. The spray bottle is presently being vended on Sephora’s website.

The product is distrustfully analogous in claim and purpose to Valkyrae’s RFLCT brand. RFLCT is a controversial cosmetic product from last year. The product claimed to protect one’s skin from artificial blue light?

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Has RFLCT been rebranded as Screen Break?

Now, Addison Rae doubles down on the dubious claim. In her promotion, she comments on blue light ravaging your skin.

” Meet Screen Break, ITEM Beauty’s Blue light and anti-Pollution Face Mist. I am on my phone and laptop a lot, and if you do not know, the blue light that comes from devices can actually bring about skin fatigue. So this is clinically proven to shield your skin from artificial blue light.”

Addison claims that she keeps the product with her all throughout the day. She sprays it when she “needs a Screen Break“.

The TikTok star appears to be uncritically following in the steps of Rachel “Valkyrae” Hofstetter. Rachel too was part of the launch of a” blue light shielding” cosmetics line last year. It was called RFLCT.

The product was met with massive quantities of backlash. It is due to the shotty wisdom and claims screen having a negative impact on skin health.

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Addison Rae promoting Screen Break is a questionable business venture.

Multitudinous dermatologists came forward to question this claim. Eventually, RFLCT’s claims were debunked as a lie/myth. Ulta Beauties had to pull the product from the shelves.

Given the counter-response against Valkyrae, Addison Rae could be in trouble. Also, Addison will see significant backlash to her involvement in a veritably analogous product.

After all, she’s making the exact same exposed claims. The damage of blue light from screens has no scientific validation.

The push reminds the dubious aggression for monopoly by tobacco companies in the 70s. More importantly, there is no peer-reviewed literature or FDA approval.

However, utmost experts recommend a face moisturizer that contains SPF rather. At least, it protects one from the sun too, if one is truly spooked by the screen’s blue light.

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