CSGO Intel Extreme Masters XVI-Winter: Team Vitality and Ninjas in Pyjamas( NiP ) face each other in Grand Finals against all odds.

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|Published December 12, 2021

Team Vitality and NiP are to face each other few hours. Against all odds, they crushed the competition in the CSGO Intel Extreme Masters to book seats for the Grand Finals.

Intel Extreme Masters have been pretty wild up until now. Though NaVi did not participate, the 16 participating teams kept the competition interesting.

Yesterday, both semifinals took place. And NiP sure did their homework. While Team Vitality dominated Virtus Pro 2-0.

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More than the competition, it is a rollercoaster of emotions. Hopefully, alls well when it ends well.

The format for the IEM Winters XVI Grand Finals.

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The Matches for the Grand Final are going to be Best-of-5. It is will be a test of stamina and skill.

All matches prior to this were a BO3. In that aspect, both teams have hardly been in finals for major tournaments.

The matches are set to happen in a few hours from now. The event is being held in Stockholm, which was the grounds for the PGL Major 2021.

PositionESL Pro Tour PointsPrize Money (USD)

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The path that was forged by Vitality and NiP in Intel Extreme Masters.

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Team Vitality has battle-hardened and extremely skilful players. Their semifinal matchup against VP was enough evidence.

2 to nothing for Vitality, with a strong performance in Vertigo in the closing stages. Misutaa and Shox proved their effectiveness as well.

Virtus Pro fought back wholeheartedly. But, when you are meeting a team like Vitality without doing homework, you are bound to face some difficulties.

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NiP on the other hand had to fight every round to reach this far. Ironically, both VP and G2 Esports were higher seeds. Both the teams lost miserably.

NiP fought for every inch of each match. They have proved their worth more than once.

Ninjas in Pyjamas definitely deserve their seat in the Grand Finals.

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Where to watch the finals for Intel Extreme Master Winters.

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The Intel Extreme Masters is streaming on all major broadcasting platforms. You can watch the final scrims for CSGO Intel Extreme Masters:

Primary Streams

Secondary Streams

Additional Streams

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