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Valorant Champions 2021 Semifinals: ACEND crushes Team Liquid 2-0 to book the first seat for The Champions 2021 grand finals.

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acend 2-0 team liquid valorant champions 2021 semi finals

The first semifinals for the Valorant Champions 2021 hosted the match between ACEND and Team Liquid. And, it was nothing close to what the fans and community expected.

The brother buff in Team Liquid kept working until it did not. Yesterday was that day. Valorant Champions Liquid – ACEND match was utterly shocking.

Scream and Team Liquid lost to the underdogs. No doubt it is a major upset by yet another underdog.

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But, beating 2-0 out of Liquid is no joke. So, how did the supposed EMEA underdogs crush the European giants?

The prologue to greatness.

EMEA is the most dominant region in the Valorant Champions 2021. 4 out of 4 teams qualified for the Playoffs Stages.

Now, we have an all EMEA finals in the first-ever Valorant Champions. Make no doubt. Every team from EMEA is a competitive monster.

ACEND easily made it through for VC2021 through EMEA circuit points behind Gambit. Team Liquid on the other hand had to fight for the last seat at EMEA LCQ.

But, 2-0 against in form Team Liquid consisting of renowned stars is amazing. They even called the score before entering the arena.

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The final frontier to immortal glory for ACEND in Valorant Champions.

The last time ACEND met Gambit, they defeated them in a pretty impressive 2-1. So, it can be said both teams know each other’s tricks.

But, the momentum that ACEND is on right now might just bulldoze Gambit to oblivion. 2-0 is up the sleeve, but what about the next three games in the Grand Finals BO5.

That changes a lot of calculations. Gambit is known for their battle-hardened playstyle. It is difficult to dethrone them from the 1st Seed.

Hence, we are expecting a pretty solid performance from both sides in the Grand Finals. May the best team win.

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