CSGO Update: Valve introduces the third patch of 2022.

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|Published February 03, 2022

Valve adds The Boardroom sticker capsule to CSGO and introduces quality of life changes to short competitive matches in a recent update.

Valve has added a new update to CSGO. It adds a new capsule titled The Boardroom, which includes a sum of 22 stickers created by Steam Workshop artists.

The patch also fixes a series of controversies with the game. Except, the community abhors it.

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Besides the new items, yesterday’s update fixes several issues. Player spawn locations in competitive mode have been pondered upon.

The Boardroom Capsule, controller compatibility, UI changes and Vertigo hotfix.

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Valve is pushing for controller compatibility and functional Flick Stick. Flick stick was added to the game last month. Consequently, console players will find the feature more stress-free.

Furthermore, some UI changes are also added to the update. The update focuses on the sandbox mode. Hence, the changes to the radial menus are a definite quality of life change.

The menu comes in handy when training new grenades and setups. Consequently, now one can choose a wider variety of grenades. It is easier to set up their zoom sensitivity with ease.

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The update brings about some quality of life changes in CSGO.

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The “ Reset” button is restored to the Options and Controller screen. Last but not least, a couple of changes are enforced onto competitive and short matchmaking.

Vertigo has finally received a hotfix. Now, the patch prevents molotovs and incendiary grenades from having unwanted interactions. Previously, players complained grenades “ going through the wall and floor in mid.”

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Valve also increased the original round loss streak. Therefore, the current streak is set at two.

As per Valve, it is to “ reduce the profitable impact of pistol rounds” in short competitive matches. The update is the first of the month and the third to go live in CSGO this year.

We expect more map changes on Vertigo, Inferno and Nuke down the line.

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