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“In the beginning everything will be fine. It’s more interesting to see what will happen in 3 months”: S1mple comments on new Vitality and G2 CSGO roster.

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s1mple comments on new Vitality and G2 CSGO roster

The CSGO pro-market saw a flurry of changes after the PGL Stockholm Major. S1mple is curious about future prospects of Vitality and the G2 CSGO roster.

IEM Katowice is one of the most slated tournaments in CSGO Esports. Furthermore, the presence of an audience in the Spodek Arena creates a unique atmosphere.

Both G2 Esports and Team Vitality have undergone significant roster changes. But, s1mple asks some glaring questions.

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Most new rosters start off on good terms. Teams begin their journey with a honeymoon Period. But, under difficult circumstances, the intra-team relationship takes a hit.

Team Vitality let go of two players and their coveted coach after losing to NaVi multiple times in 2021. They won only a single LAN, IEM Winter XVI, and NaVi did not attend it.

G2 Esports faced a similar conundrum. But, they did not win a single LAN event in 2021. Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov replaced Amanek as the active AWPer.

S1mple is curious about the future status of Vitality and G2 CSGO rosters.

Both the rosters started off wins. G2 stayed in Upper Brackets the entire time to book a seat for the BLAST Spring Finals. Vitality too made it through, though they suffered a loss at Group Finals.

Therefore, both teams have enjoyed a relatively successful month. Besides, it has been only a month. There is much CSGO to play throughout the year.

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NaVi though had it quite rough. They started pretty slow after their celebratory break post-Stockholm Major win. But, they ambled on to become the best team of 2021.

Yet, 2022 was a different story. S1mple suffered massively in form and focus. He got locked down multiple times by the enemy roster.

Specifically, MIBR made it impossible for NaVi. Although, they made it through to the Spring Finals through Last Chance.

S1mple accepts that NaVi had a pretty slow restart to the 2022 CSGO season.

Sasha thus ponders upon what could be done to improve the conditions. Here is what he feels:

“But when we play on LAN of course, we will start slowly because it’s a LAN. It’s about emotions. But year, overall before any big event we set up goals that we try to win 100%.

Of course, we try to win every game, but if we understand it’s the most important tournament (like a Major), we spend as much time as we can in preparation.”

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At IEM Katowice though, NaVi and Sasha feel confident. They are the LAN kings of 2021. So, they will look to continue their domination.

NaVi plays their first match on Friday against ENCE. We wish them luck on their next strife.

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