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Zywoo tases S1mple: Watch how Vitality Zywoo gets Zeus kill on NaVi S1mple in Blast Premier Fall Finals 2021.

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zywoo tases s1mple in Blast premier fall finals 2021 grand finals match 2 at copenhagen, navi vs vitality

Zywoo tases S1mple to secure a kill in CSGO Blast Premier fall finals 2021. At CSGO’s highest level, pulling off such a feat in Finals is just disrespectful.

NaVi and S1mple were continuing on a massive win streak of 20. Zywoo and finally Vitality finally stopped them in their tracks at Blast Premier Fall finals 2021.

NaVi and Vitality have been at each other’s throats for a while now. But, cheeky plays and masterclass strategic decisions change the entire momentum of the game.

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Getting a Zeus kill is an extremely difficult feat. Yet, Zywoo pulled off one under s1mple point-blank in Nuke.

What happened? Zywoo tases s1mple?

The mishap happened in round 13 of Map 2- Nuke. Vitality was ahead 9-3. The match ended in a matter of seconds on site A.

As NaVi pushed in for plant in Site A, Vitality ambushed NaVi, by taking out s1mple at point-blank near over crates. It was astonishing, how cheeky players could get.

Even though it resulted in Zywoo’s death, his teammates eventually decimated  NaVi to secure the round.

Right now the score stands at 1-1, with one map each for NaVi and Vitality. Nuke for Natus Vincere and Mirage for Vitality.

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What more to expect in the coming days?

As of now, the two teams are still duking it out for the $450,000 prize pool. But, with a major win, tailwind is on NaVi’s end.

Sasha “s1mple” Kostyliev is the King of CSGO. No one better ever has touched this game. No one compares even close to the personal stats that this Ukrainian prodigy has achieved.

But, one name keeps popping up in contention to s1mple’s claim to the best. He is called Zywoo.

Let us hope that Mathieu “Zywoo” Herbaut surpasses everyone eventually. But, with s1mple’s existence, he might wait for some time before ageing a chance at the limelight.

As they say, either fight for it or earn it. That is the only way to greatness.

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